How Do You Celebrate St Patrick’s Day?

This delicious idea came to us a few nights ago as we were standing in the cooler at Sherbrooke Liquor store starring at the thousands of individual bottles of beer before James and myself. “Dude, we should start a section on the blog where we just talk about beers we are tasting!” I starred down James like he must have stepped in some shit, nope he was just shaking in his shoes. 

“Seriously?” I started then followed it with, “you do know that there are a plethora of people out there talking about beer. What SPIN are we going to put on this tasting and reviewing of beer?” He starred back then leaned over my right shoulder puling down a bottle from Grain Bin Brewing Company. 

“I think, if you would just give it a go… then you’d be happily surprised by the responses and organic traffic we would get. Heck we might even build a cult following over beers tasted.” 

BRILLIANT we were now going to start spending our afternoons looking through thousands of bottles, reading their labels and trying to determine which bottles of beer we should review? Damn it James!

“Look… I think I’m okay with doing a few reviews about beer,” I was going to say then looked at him intently reading the back of a beer bottle, “What is it? What did you find now?”

Your not going to believe it… even when I read it to you on this label,” he started with. Then spinning the bottle round and round in the palm of his hand like a display person in a grocery store trying to get you to sample the slightly undercooked sausage links drizzled with a fine BBQ sauce. “We don’t review ALL the beers. We only review Alberta Brewed beers! What do you think about that? Then we won’t have to drink 10,000+ beers!” 

Standing, turning, walking around in a couple circles to survey the cooler. Hmmm.. he has a point. We could buy up a couple of beers once a month, maybe twice and complete a review on an Alberta Brewed Craft Beer. Huh, not bad. 

“Which beer do you want to start off with?” I asked. 

He pointed to the bottle in his hand.

Grain Bin Brewing Company 

  • Established: 2017
  • Location: Grand Prairie, AB 
  • Number of beers offered: 8 best seller beers, 5 seasonal beers, and 16-650ml bottled beers
  • Style of beers offered: Ale, Amber, Hard seltzer, Hefeweizen, IPA, Pale, Porter and Stout 

First impressions of the bottle and label

Who doesn’t love old grain bins that line the old train routes of years past? The front of the label is clean and not overwhelming. We like the title of this beer too.

Willie the Wit

What drew James to this bottle

650ml Belgian Bier 

First sip

This is a smoooooooth and enjoyable wit! 

In between sips

We tasted oranges, spice and a hint of lime. 

Last sips

Good to the last drop. 

An honest opinion

If you are looking for a smooth after work beverage that will not lite you up. Then Willie the Wit Bier is a safe beverage for your evenings. It pours out a nice head in a tall glass. It went well with a bag of Jalapeño Kettle Chips, onion dip and slices of sweet pepper. James did say when he taste tested his bottle he had a bar of 72% Camino dark chocolate and a handful of oranges. James said this was a bier he looked forward to tasting again, next weekend. 


~ Aaron & James