A Collaborative Morning

September 2, 2002 Entry #22

Her body yawns as she lays closer to me heart. She whispers with her deep sighs telling me she’s alright. Her eyes sparkle full of life as today we’ve yet to leave the bedroom. Me brains rack for words to express how I am feeling yet nothing spills from my lips.

Me brains are scrambled all too quickly towards me artistic world. Me whole heart SCREAMS from deep within yet me touch of her soft hands holding her close without assumptions of me in this world. Has I been judged? Has she not?

Does this make us understand our worlds easier since our bond has not been staggered? We lye about laughing, touching, talking and dreaming as the day slowly unwinds around us. The rest of the world beating to a different set of drums.

Can you smell the heat? Bodies perspiring together nearly glued like a relief. Feeling the pleasure wrapped between ourselves. Me mouth kisses as the other steals a calm gesture of nerves. Deeply pressing together the exploration of existence in this collaborative morning.

~ James Curtis