What’s All the EV Hype About?

Hey have you heard the hype about how Electric Vehicles (EV) will be taking over the world in the next five to ten years?

Yup, it is unfortunately true. Depending on your perspective about the automobile. There is a movement now in the world trending away from driving an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle. And trending towards EV’s which will ultimately be replaced by Autonomous cars. Literally cars that drive themselves and everyone becomes a “passenger” inside the vehicle.

Perhaps this will be followed by flying automobiles and we’ll all end up in reality’s version of the cartoon The Jetson’s!

What’s interesting is listening to the current debates people are having between their beloved ICE vehicles and that of owning either an EV or hybrid vehicle.

A hybrid is an ICE mixed with an EV. Its a vehicle which utilizes both power platforms.

A few weeks back I found a thread on tacomaworld.com about EV vehicles called: Trade in Tacoma for an EV Truck?

It has been an interesting thread to follow and read up on as current Tacoma owners discuss the plethora of startup automobile companies and if they would trade in their Tacoma for an EV Truck.

At this point 95% of Tacoma owners on the forum have said they will wait until Toyota brings out a hybrid or EV, version of the Tacoma.

However there have been a few people who have notably said, they are interested in Rivian, or Tesla’s Cybertruck. However none of them have been impressed with the overall pricing in USD or CAD of these vehicles. Even with their government tax incentives and rebates to own an Electric Vehicle.

Here in Alberta. 98% of the guys on the forum, are worried their backcountry off-roading will be squandered as ICE vehicles become extinct. Because of the sheer distances one must travel to get into the backcountry, drive around and return to their homes.

Off-roading in Alberta typically means you drive 500 kms (310 miles) in one direction into the middle of nowhere. Then you drive around for the weekend up to 250 kms (155 miles), as you camp and explore the backcountry in very remote off-grid locations inside national forests. At which time you intend to drive home another 600+kms (400 miles).

Upon my last review of the Cybertruck by Tesla its maximum range is 500 miles (800 kms) on a single charge. If we use the example above we would travel 500 + 250 + 600 kms for a total of 1,350kms return trip.

Thus on a single charge of 800kms we would fall short 550kms before reaching home.

So, where does one gain electricity when they are off-roading or overloading?

Its not like an ICE vehicle where you can have a couple of jerry cans sitting in the back of your truck or strapped up on the roof rack. Perhaps one day solar panels will generate enough “juice” to keep the vehicle charged. But then what happens when its cloudy, or raining, or there just isn’t any sunshine for the days you are off-roading in the backcountry?

Until this anomaly in fuel is figured out, its safe to say that 99% of the off-road and overlanders out there will remain comfortably seated in their internal combustion engine vehicles.

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb