Alpha Motor Corporation; Why You Should Reserve One Today!

For more than a month now, I have been following a thread about electric vehicles (EV) on a Toyota Tacoma forum that I am a member of, the thread is called: Trade in Tacoma for an EV Truck?

Yesterday as I was browsing through the thread, I came across a posting about a truck called The Wolf, by a new startup company called Alpha Motor Corporation.

Per “Oz TRD” he informs on the thread; Unlike some of the upcoming electric trucks (GMC Hummer EV and Rivian R1T), this one won’t empty your bank account. The Alpha Wolf electric truck starts at $36,000 USD ($45,115 CAD) and that’s without any tax incentives. Although, this old-school looking electric truck is made for those who don’t need more than two seats and enjoy venturing off the beaten path. It’s pictured with mud-terrain tires and comes with 16- or 18-inch wheels. There also appears to be underbody skid plates for off-roading. And don’t forget about those great looking oversized fenders.

Then I myself went down the proverbial rabbit hole clicking on the link into the depths of this EV startup company: Alpha Motor Corporation.

Our Epic Journey to Sustainable Mobility. Move Humanity with Innovative Zero Emission Vehicles”

  • Electrify
    • Achieve carbon neutrality through clean energy vehicle creation
  • Innovate
    • Design, engineer, and manufacture to optimize user experience
  • Champion
    • Empower individuals and businesses with desirable mobility solutions

The Environmental Impact of Alpha

  • 10,417 Gallons of Gasoline which will never leave the pump
  • 521 Barrels of Crude Oil which will never leave the ground
  • 101 Tons of C)2 which will never enter our atmosphere
    • statistics based on ICON battery life of 250,000 miles (402,336 kms)
    • 250 miles/charge @ 1,000 charges
    • Average 24 MPG for ICE vehicle
    • Refinery output of 20 gallons gasoline/barrel crude oil
    • 19.36lbs/gallon (

Product Focus, Market Focus, Milestones… Alpha was hooking me into their gears and levers… then I started clicking on “Vehicles” and my mouth began to drool…


A stylish two-seater coupe accelerating 0-60mph in six-seconds weighing in under 3600 lbs which is less than my RV Towable Camper. Its sleek lines and puffed out wheel wells. Range of 250+ miles on a single motor with rear wheel drive. With an attractive minimalist interior.

If you thought ACE, was an outstanding intro, then hold onto your wallets…


The ACE Performance Edition includes a bit more weight, increasing from a single motor to a dual motor and 4 wheel drive. Opening up the acceleration to 4.6 seconds in a 0 to 60 mph. Weighing only slightly more with a 3800 lbs frame. It still seats 2-adults into this rear storage coupe with daytime running lights and 19″ wheels.

Then my mind raced to the what does THE WOLF really look like?

The Wolf

After all this is where this conversation started, in a thread, on a decision of people who already own a beloved mid-sized truck.

Are they really willing to trade in their Tacoma for this…

I starred at the specs… re-reading “OZ TRD”‘s posting

Could this be the new rivalry of the “Tacoma”? Not the Rivian or Cybertruck?

But as a guy who stands at 6′ 3″ tall (193cm) would a two-seater such as The Wolf be large enough?

The interior seemed rugged and a great option… but would it house my long legs? Would I be comfortable daily driving this 30kms to and from work. Then on overland trips of 1,500kms or more?

This is when I began to question, IF, Alpha Motor Corporation was an option or not?

Then I clicked on the next link.


My heart skipped a beat!

My eyes bulged out of my skull.

This …

This was reminiscent of a Baja or Dakar vehicle.
It made me think about all those Russian Lada Niva’s I had once dreamt about in my late twenties when I was traveling around the world.

This was a beauty and a behemoth.

A true off-road, off the beaten path type of vehicle. Purpose built for the wilderness and with room enough to push the front seats backward for a larger male like myself.

The dual motor 4-wheel drive JAX accelerated from 0 to 60mph in 6.5 seconds. Not as fast as its cousin the ACE PE, but still quick enough for an off-road beast with its 16 to 19 inch wheels, under carriage protection, roof rack and KC Lights!

The little beast comes with Baja push bars in front and rear, a full skid plate package, flared wheel wells and rock sliders beneath its doors. This a 4-passenger vehicle would allow for a larger human to simply push back the driver’s seat creating enough leg room.

The stylish interior similar to The Wolf, yet nearly identical to the ACE PE.

Instantly I clicked on the “Reserve” button for the JAX!

And at Alpha Motor Corporation, the only thing they were really interested in, was IF you are willing to purchase the vehicle. They didn’t ask for a $100 deposit like Tesla’s Cybertruck. Or a letter of intent to buy like the now infamous shenanigans of Lordstown Motors.

No, Alpha just wanted your name and email address then placed you on a list of “Interested Future Buyer!”

This is the type of Electric Vehicle, I would be interested in replacing my beloved Tacoma with.