Retirement; Will You Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is?

Its been ages since my eyes twinkled when looking over copious amounts of data, sifting through charts, glancing up and down red and green candle-sticks all in the attempts to time the market low, buy-buy-buy and hold onto it for an hour, a day, a week or longer before turning around and selling it at a HIGHER price to make some profit.

Recently a friend mentioned a word I was unfamiliar with “harmattan”

Harmattan: a dust-laden wind on the Atlantic coast of Africa in some seasons

Merriam Webster Dictionary

As I read through this description it occurred to me, that this could also describe the trends one might be watching on the stock market.

One day there is a fine roar as the Bear Market climbs, its candlesticks turning green and moving upwards on the graphed tethers.

A few days later its ugly head turns and everything bears down as the candlesticks slide down into a shade of red and the Bull Market runs downward.

The winds of time as pervasive as they are, are like the tides in the ocean. They are unpredictable. Or are they?

What does history really tell you?

Are you willing to listen to history?

Can you bank your investments on historical data?

Many analysts die by the statistics of data. The reams of paper that came before today. Those little markers and indicators of what has come and what will return. They strategize with this information in order to FIRE their Bosses.

Is there someone you should be listening to? Is that person your mentor? Do you believe in this person’s investment strategies to mentor you through a Bull market and into a Bear market.

I stand before you… a man with a strategy.

Whose strategy?

The strategy I have been using for the past 24-months is a mixture of portfolio strategies by millionaires all of whom preach the same type of strategy in their published literature online and hard copy. Those millionaire authors are Andrew Hallam, John C. Bogle, Kristy Shen, Bryce Leung and David Ramsey.

In a recent search we learnt the following about the population in Canada.

  • According to Bank of Montreal (BMO) in their most recent annual RRSP study the majority of Canadians (77%) have investments. However only 53% are investing their savings, compared to 47% who are keeping cash. Interestingly, BMO found only one third of Canadian investors feel they understand the ins and outs of investing.

The current population of Canada is 37 million 590 thousand people.

77% of that is 28 million 944 thousand three hundred are invested in their RRSPs!

53% of the 28 million people is 15 million 340 thousand 320 people have savings.

47% of the 28 million people is 12 million 445 thousand 920 people have cash.

And of the current population only the remaining 8 million 645 thousand 700 people have no investments. Which equates to nearly all of the children aged 14 and younger (5.6 million), and adolescents aged 15 to 19 (2.4 million) for a total of 7.8 million people under age of 19.

What does all of these percentages and investments mean?

It means people are listening to history. That they want to have some sort of wealth in their futures. Because they want to figure out how to sustain their current lifestyle for their futures and eventually lead themselves into retirement.


withdrawn from one’s position or occupation or having concluded one’s working or professional career

Is it a scary word, to you?

It means you have no income. And you have been money smart during the years when you were able to make investments. When you hit the proverbial “retirement button” on your life. It now means you are on your own. With whatever you ave left sitting in your bank accounts and investments.

Have you made plans for your retirement? Do you know what that will look like?

  • Living and playing golf year round in Osoyoos, British Columbia Canada?
  • Sipping on wines and smashing grapes in the Annapolis County of Nova Scotia?
  • Jet setting across the globe to travel to UNESCO world heritage sites?
  • Swimming in the local watering hole and volunteering your time?

You need to remember this is when you are at your most fragile… they say your body slows and your mind too. But does it?

I once met a Great Uncle of mine who was 93 years old. The man was spry like a 50-year old. He ran amok with a woman 33-years younger than he. He was all smiles, health and happiness parading around in front of us with his Lexus RX350. He informed the key to life is not how you make your money, its how you invest your money. And then how you spend it before your days on this Earth are numbered.

I heard his message.


The key message to life as I aged through my forties and lead the 20-year charge up to Retirement is being disciplined and to enact self-control by garnering a minimum of 20% of your wages. Then investing these funds into the stock market through wise investments such as ETFs which allow you to buy a selection of the stock market. Preferably ETFs which yield dividends and will continue to increase your retirement bucket. Because eventually your time will come and you will stop working your 9-to-5 job. And your only source of income will be your investments.

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb