Giants of Mining Museum

1977 O&K Dragline

Fort McKay, Alberta Canada

  • The dragline has a base diameter of 18m (59 ft)
  • A working weight of 3,420 metric tonnes (3,769 US tons)
  • The maximum dumping height depth is 46.2m (151.5 ft)
  • The maximum digging depth is 53m (173 ft)
  • The dragline is equipped with three each of
    • 1,120kW drag motors
    • 1,120kW hoist motors
    • 600kW swing motors

The scale of this machine is hard to imagine. While it requires only three operators, the average production rate is 6,150 tonnes per hour (6,779 US tons).

For comparison the average US car weighs two tonnes (2.2 US tons).