Get Smart; Smart Watches

Recently as I was working from home the wife and I were idly chatting about random things that we are going to miss or not miss when we move to our next home as our current condo is directly above the boiler room where periodically you can hear the building maintenance men working with drills, or other powered hand tools. Then there is the constant white noise produced by the boilers and other equipment inside the room.

“Hey, what will you miss most when we move to our new home?” I said as the drill below kept squeaking as the maintenance guy drilled below our home office room. “You know, in the future, it’ll just be you and me,” she replied, “just our own noises since we have multiple floors.”

“Yeah, that’s funny! You know what we are going to need? Walkie-talkies,” I said. “Yeah, that’s fun!” She acknowledged whilst typing away on her keyboard. “Oh snap!,” came out of my mouth followed by “You know what would be better than Walkie-talkies? if I had an Apple Watch then I could be all like,” arm moved up to mouth, “hey Sara, what are you doing? I’m down in the garage.” Then we started laughing and she’s all like, “Yeah, if my Fossil watch was only the next generation!” We giggled pausing our work and chatting about technology.

“Hey how funny is it, that back in the day like Get Smart, used to joke about talking to his watch to communicate with people in that TV show!,” we laughed some more, “and today’s its actually something people can do!”

We laughed for like ten minutes going back and forth over all the ideas that people had in the 1960’s and 70’s that then was comical and today is being made into reality due to the advancements in technology.

  • A watch is a telephone
  • A car with radar tracking
  • A shoe is a telephone
  • A fire hydrant (you guessed it) is a telephone
  • A rotary telephone and inside it is a tinier telephone
1965 to 1970, Maxwell Smart a.k.a. Agent 86

The list of ideas goes on and on and on, when researching the Get Smart tv show. There is a website called Fandom, which has a list of every Get Smart Gadget. A list of all weapons, guns, phones, and other devices used by CONTROL and KAOS in all seasons of Get Smart.

Its surreal somedays when looking back into the thresholds of recent history of the past to see where a current technology idea may have actually come from?

Which begs the question about who really are the BIG BOLD THINKERS of an era? And how did those thinkers of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s have their ideas transition over 50+ years into our modern day livable technologies.

Just think about it…

You could have an idea today that you share with a friend, a colleague or a random acquaintance and in the future it will come to fruition.

How awesome is would that be?

~ James Curtis