Are You Holding Out for a Fresh Start; COVID Shots Now Available

In the past three days I have had more conversations about receiving the COVID “jab” then the total number of cases which have occurred in the last 24-hours in Edmonton (348 new cases).

Earlier today (Wednesday May 26) our Premier: Jason Kenney hosted a conference to inform our Province about the next steps in his 3-phase plan for releasing the trapped hoomans back into the wilds of our fine Capital City and surrounding areas!

You can read this CBC News article or watch this video where Jason divulges the plans, to uncork the population now that we have 49.7% of our 4.4 million person population in the Province of Alberta with their first shots.

Listen Up!

But hey… if only 49.7% of the population is vaccinated doesn’t that mean there is 50.3% who are not vaccinated?

Is it me, or are these statistics illogical ?

J. Curtis

Per the Alberta Health Services (AHS) website which I believe I am reading correctly…

  • As of May 26, 2021
    • 2nd row, last tile
      • 49.7% population received at least 1 dose
        • which means the reciprocal of the population has 0 doses and is 50.3% of the population
    • Lets go a little deeper
      • Per our friends over at Wikipedia the population of Alberta in Q1 of 2021
        • 4,436,258 million people
      • Per AHS graphic the 49.7% of the population equals
        • 2,578,577 million people

Doing some simple population math:

  • Alberta population of 4,436,258 subtract
  • One dosed people 2,578,577 equals
  • People without any doses administered 1,857681


If the above mathematical formula is correct then this means the AHS graphic above is actually incorrect because less of the population has not received at least 1-dose.

This actually means there is 41.874% of the Albertan Population who have not received their first dose and 58.126% have 1 or more doses!!

Where am I going with this little rant?

I thought YOU would never ask…

You see, a little while back I was standing in my mother-in-law’s kitchen drying the dishes after having lunch with her as I am one of her +1 cohorts and we were talking about the then present day COVID situation and our perspectives on receiving the vaccination.

During this conversation I was less then willing to be one of the COVID vaccination recipients. My main concern being it usually takes pharmaceutical companies years or decades to create these vaccines.

Except today, with the pandemic turned endemic every scientist in the world is working on the creation of a vaccine and lawmakers are pushing these vials out as fast as production can be completed.

Of course this makes sense because humanity across the globe has a common enemy: COVID-19!

Besides the opinion about receiving the rapidly created and quickly distributed vaccines across the globe, I am of the opinion that if I am forced into taking the vaccine because I would like to once again have the freedom to travel worldwide then I would be willing to have the vial administered.

Because from my perspective the COVID dose would become no different then the Dengue Flu shot, or Malaria, or Yellow fever shots that I had to take to travel to Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand and the likes.

Then tonight, I’m sitting in our home office chatting it up with the wife after she watched the above hour segment by Jason Kenney. She’s giving me the cliff-notes version of what was said about the three phase approach and some of the dates.

Kenney is once again creating the bull in the China shop.

M.L. Whit

Basically his 3-phase plan and timeline is aiming on the rapid advancements of first dose inoculations into 75% of the population by the middle of June. We are talking about 3,327,194 million people.

Then he will open up strategically everything one week after another until things are “back to normal.” Except the last time he promised this strategy it back fired on him and we went from beating down the curve to accepting daily rates of new cases upwards of 1,500 per day.

From where we are sitting it seems fairly simple… he’s recreating the bull in the China shop.

We will inoculate 75% of the population by the middle of June, then we will open up office spaces to non-essential workers, public buildings, libraries, public events, movie theatres, swimming pools, festivals, concerts, etc., and insist people who have not had at least one shot continue to maintain the social distancing of 2-meters/6-feet including wearing their masks.

Except they have not been enforcing these rules this entire time? So… this is going to happen after 75% of the population is inoculated?

After reflecting on this information the cliff-noted version she began talking about the Health Inspector whom came by her pool earlier in the day. He was talking about his 21-year old son whose amped about receiving his COVID shot. This young man, his friends and community are all onboard with getting their first shots as soon as possible because they want to get back to playing sports together, attending events together, and going to dinners together.

These comments reminded me of a recent poster I had seen by AHS, about getting vaccinated in order to get back to normal.

Then the inspector said his son’s community of friends are ALL opposed about their friends drinking alcohol and driving. Literally these young people are socially accepting the obvious dangers behind drinking a single alcoholic beverage or more, and driving anywhere.

These young people are creating a better future for themselves and everyone around them!

These stories inspired me, and I went in search of the AHS Website where I could sign-up for my first COVID dose.

Residents of Alberta — CLICK HERE to go to the AHS website.

Complete a 5-minute Questionnaire and decide the location, date and time. Then you will receive a confirmation email.

During my filling out the Questionnaire it informed I would be administered with either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccination. It said this first does has an effective rate of 80% and I must receive the second dose after 28-days have passed and no later than 120-days (4-months) after the initial dose. And this will raise the overall effectiveness to 93% or greater!

The key item to remember about this particular inoculation is its only effective for the person who receives it and does not protect those who do not.

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb