What’s Your Stance on COVID-19 Vaccinations?

For several weeks now James and I, have been discussing the philosophical debate that I am 100% certain every human being this world over has been discussing since December 2020 when the vaccinations started rolling out all over the globe.

Why or Why not, to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine?

As any good debater knows the facts of what you know tend to develop over a period of time and this means your supposedly impartial friends and co-conspirators ideas begin to congeal with your own dissertation and soon you understand no two opinions are ever exactly the same.

“There are just too many reasons why someone would not be willing to receive the jab,said James last Tuesday afternoon. “Sure James, I bet you $1,000 bucks you cannot find someone with the same reason as you, as to why you should not receive the jab.” He starred at me with his evil green eyes twitching back and forth then a maniacal laugh came rushing out of his lungs and erupted over the Zoom line.

“Are you serious right now?” I said to him.

“Okay, Aaron… buddy. Look I’ll line up the reasons why you should not get the jab?” James started and I nodded in my agreement.

  • Reasons why not to receive the Jab
    • Its unreasonable of the government to expect an individual to receive the jab
    • There has not been enough trials to prove any of these vaccines actually work
    • Its unconstitutional
    • It goes against every freedom we have in this country
    • Its not healthy
    • I don’t get the annual flu shot, so why do I need to get COVID-19. Isn’t it just a flu variant
    • Its my body
    • The side effects of the jab, will cause impotence
    • The side effect of the jab, will mean my wife cannot get pregnant
    • I have a condition and I’m afraid of how the jab will affect my body
    • There are more vulnerable people then myself and they need it first
    • Its all just a BIG EXPERIMENT and they don’t know if its actually going to work

For the most part I too was on the side of why not to receive the vaccinations because after all most vaccines take years of preparation to determine its potency. It goes through trials and research and all those other scientific things before its released to the general public.

A few days went by and I began prodding the minds of my colleagues to see what their opinions were of this virus and the vaccinations. Sure plenty of them were in the over 50-years old category but what came as a SURPRISE was many of the younger employees under 30-years old had already received their first doses.

Mainly my colleagues viewed it as protection for themselves rather than society at large.

Standing on the street corner I was trying to decide if I should visit the corner store for a chocolate bar or the liquor store for a can of Guinness when my phone rang. “Hey dude, how goes it?” I heard James’ voice through the speaker as I still contemplated my next step.

“I’m well dude. How’s life on the no-vaxxer bus?” I laughed down the phone line. He giggled then replied, “Well, I had a long chat with the wife about receiving the jab and you know what she said which just floored me!? She says most countries are already talking about if a traveller does not have a card that shows they have been fully vaccinated then entry into their country will be denied and you will have to return home! Is that crazy!?”

A few days ago I overheard a conversation whilst standing in the grocery store lineup about international travel in a post-pandemic world.

This set me off on doing my own research into this topic.

What I found was a long list of countries like 185 out of the 194 who are all considering in the post-pandemic era that for travellers to enter into their countries they will have to show proof that they have been 100% fully vaccinated and/or have a current COVID-19 test showing they are negative.

This means every international traveller has the potential of being denied at any customs desk around the world and forced to return to their home country.

“Yeah James,” I began, “this certainly is a game changer for international travellers. What I think many people have missed or are choosing to overlook is this particular virus has spread throughout the entire planet. It’s literally killed 3.78 million people and counting. It doesn’t care who you are. You could be a billionaire living it large in Beverly Hills or a homeless person in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. This virus is killing humans. It makes sense countries are trying to determine how to keep this ravaging virus from re-entering the general population once its been eradicated.”

I could hear him mulling over this last tidbit of information then without further ado we both said at the exact same time… “I booked my appointment yesterday”… we both laughed and laughed. Then congratulated the other.

“When is your appointment?” I asked James. “Its on Tuesday June 8th, and you?” The day before.”

Hanging up the phone, I spun around on my heels pondering where my first international travel trip will be to once the boarders have reopened, and wondered where the wife might want to go too?

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