Thirty-Eight Minutes of Fireworks

For most of my life, I have always been in AWE of fireworks when they explode overhead. The brilliant colours and array of streaming lights in the sky. Once way back when I was a kid my father used to drive north into another state and purchase a plethora of fireworks in late June every other year. He would set them up in our backyard and shoot them out over the highway!

Explosion after explosion of celebrating the independence of our nation nearly every year!

More than likely this is the reason for my obsession with fireworks every year. The only thing better than watching fireworks is setting them off. And this year I did not disappoint.

Sometime in mid-June a colleague of mine asked if my family would like to come out to their lake cottage for the weekend celebrations. INSTANTLY my brain went to … go buy a GIANT box of Fireworks and blow them off!

As soon as this thought entered into my brain I pulled out the Samsung Note 9 and searched for the property owner’s name. Finding his name I punched in… I’m coming to your cottage to blow off fireworks above the lake and complete laps in the kayak. You are okay with this, right?

Later that evening I received a response, will your wife be joining you this year?

Unfortunately for her, she had to work and ended up missing the plethora of fireworks displayed each and every night at the lake cottage.

One of my favourite EXPLOSIONS from the night!

  • July 1, 2021
  • Lac Sante, Alberta Canada
  • Firework: Tutti Frutti

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb