Tires; When Should You Change Them Out?

Realistically FrankenTaco will not require a new set of “shoes” until 2023 or later as long as they do not get a pesky puncture or run amok in the dirty potholes of life. From regular wear and tear, I’m told I should get around 120,000 to 150,000 kilometres on the current set of Yokohama Country Tires.

As any madman will tell you, he’s always looking to upgrade his truck by adding in custom parts, things he may want to make the truck more “his” by customizing the side steps or installing rock rails. Taking the time to add a roof rack for hauling camping supplies or recreational pieces of equipment like kayaks and oversized tires.

Or he could just be doing research for the future when he really needs to add something to his truck like a fancy new bumper with a hidden winch and LED bar, which then equates to additional lights on the hood for additional off road and night time driving in the mountains. Which would then lead back to having better off-road tires for those off-road occasions when you decide to yield onto a dirt road somewhere south of Cadomin without really knowing where you are actually heading.

This is when you want to have a good grippy tire for those anywhere kind of moments.

Tonight I was purring the good old local Canadian Tire store when I came across their red hot SUMMER sale and spotted this pair of Goodyear Blah Blah off-road tires. Then I spotted a pair of Moto Master All Terrain Tires with a rating of 91, but the down side is this particular tire was its rating for snow driving as it was less than 90%.

Yikes! That’s definitely not good for a province that has 5-months of snow!

Next I came across a set of Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S Light Truck Tire and learnt 326 customers gave them a 5-star rating, 50 customers gave them a 4-star rating and only 35 people gave them a 3 or less rating. Considering these bad boys have a 95% road rating and these are listed with a 95% snow-traction, these are the tire I’m highly interested in remembering these for the future.

These are a baaaaaad mamer-jammer when off-roading!

N. Larimer

The question then is “when should you change out your tires?

The simple answer is…

When you have the funds go out and get yourself those new set of “shoes” then follow those up with a set of sweet rims and you’ll be blinging on or off-road. Personally the thing to remember is your off-road vehicle will ALWAYS look better with more dirt and more mud caked all over your vehicle and shoes!

~ James Curtis