An Unexpected Stop in Glenridding

Right blinker on, I pulled the steering wheel turning south and drove 500m to the parking lot yanked another right and headed for a parking space. There they stood five stylish townhomes standing side-by-side all assembled in their brightly painted facades.

Mason & Grove, St Albert, AB

Locking the truck, I nearly sprinted across the lot to the front door. Hand on door pushing but the door would not budge. My eyes looked down towards the lock wondering why the people on the inside were talking and happily discussing this might-be-right-for-us-too townhome, when I noticed a large 14×14″ sign:


For access to Landmark Homes show suites, please go to and fill out the questionnaire. You will receive an access code. Punch code into keyless entry point and a hostess will meet you at the front door.

Scrambling through the plot of questions; Do you have any COVID symptoms? no. Have you been in contact with anyone whose tested positive in the last 14-days? no. Have you had COVID? no. Reason for your visit today? see show home.

Entrance code: 53498

Punching in the numbers one after the other a small click sounded and the door unlocked, allowing entry into the showhome.

“Hi, I’m Ashley, do you have an appointment today?” the bubbly twenty-something asked.

“Sorry. No, I do not have an appointment. I just spotted this development from Ellerslie road and had to check it out.” Ashley nodded in agreement. Then ran through the list of pre-entrance requirements;

  • hand sanitizer on the way in
  • no touching of things in the show suites
  • no using the toilets or sinks
  • hand sanitizer on the way out

I nodded in agreement to these stipulations then she said, “we have two-floor plans here, they are the Emerson and Prescott. You can look through each of them at your own pace. If you have questions we are down here to assist you.” Again I nodded my agreement, thanked her, squirted some more hand sanitizer and was on my way.

To the left, I started with the Prescott.

As you are standing in what would eventually be the garage, you step through the future door that leads you into the foyer and to your right a small sitting area. Behind the triple sliding doors is the houses mechanical equipment, and across the room a front hall closet.

For twenty-two seconds I pondered what else this open concept room could be? Then took the stairs two at a time and was greeted with a powder room at the top of the stairs. Following the flow of the room to the right stood a kitchen, then dining and into the family room. A small island adorned with designer decorations.

Each cupboard seemed spacious with a couple of cubbies above them. Laughing, I turned around and was greeted with a spacious pantry hidden behind a pocket barn-style sliding door.

Cruising past the four-top table to look at the fireplace and more sitting than family room space to peak outside at the barely visible 3-foot by 8-foot section of “balcony” that overlooked the combined front yards overlooking the main street and across it the Jagare Ridge Golf Course.

Turning, I headed upstairs to a three-bedroom, two-bath split. It felt cramped with the linen closet, a laundry closet and two very small kids rooms. Both barely big enough for a twin size bed and a dresser. These would make individual offices… which would then lack a guest room. Silly.

Instead of looking further, I jogged down the two flights of stairs and back into the garage, around the partition and caught Ashely’s eye, as I shook my head left-then-right “No” and continued into the next foyer.

The Emerson.

Stepping into the foyer and just before the stairs we were greeted by four extra large letters beside the front hall closet H O M E. It was a nice design touch. Spinning around I glanced into the walled-off flex room. Better than Prescott. A bit tight with the chosen furnishings although I did prefer this being its own smaller space.

Spinning around I headed for the stairs thinking what the small room could be used for? Fitness room, Lathe room, Hobby room, Storage, other… At the top of the stairs I turned left and was greeted by a large open concept floor plan.

This time my jaw dropped open as the sparkling quartz island countertop screamed HELLO!

AWESOME! I scanned to the left seeing the family room and to the right the nook. I just stood there. Looking left then right. I loved the large open space and the natural light flowing through the room.

Wandering through the nook area to the right I noted a powder room, laundry closet and pantry. Coming back through the space I paid attention to the four high-backed leather chairs, three hanging island lights and a space that screamed SOCIAL GATHERINGS.

Passing by the family room, I noted a wall mounted TV above a stylish faux brick mantle place and an electric fireplace.

Smiling I looked out back hoping for a larger balcony and was greeted with the same narrow space as the Prescott.

Overlooking this one obvious flaw we headed upstairs. Turning at the top of the stairs into a small landing which was spread out more than the last.

A smaller linen closet, a 3rd floor main bathroom with tub/shower combo. Two spacious second and third bedrooms easily 9×12 feet each. The master had a spacious walk-in closet, at least a 10×15 foot sleeping area and another tub/shower combo with rainforest shower head.

Looking around, I heard no one else and quickly climbed into the bathtub. At 6′ 2″, its always best to check both the length and depth of any potential bathtub. Climbing out of the master bathtub, I went around the corner to the shared bathroom and climbed in. It too checked out for length and depth! This is something Shauna needs to see.

Sprinting down the two flights of stairs, I had to find out what the pricing on this unit was. I stopped momentarily to talk with Ashley. “Units start at $335,000 and go up depending on lot, exposure and design elements.” I nodded my acknowledgment, thanked her for her time, received a business card, two squirts of hand sanitizer then fled outside to the awaiting Tacoma.

Sitting in the parking lot as the truck warmed up, I thought back about Living with Your Decisions and how our last house hunt ended without a purchase. However something just felt different tonight and I knew Shauna needed to see these layouts as well as the one she was interested in too. Next stop was the cave and an upcoming discussion about serendipity!