Show Homes in SW Edmonton

After my initial review on Monday of the Altius property that Shauna had found, I spoke to her about the other property I found a mere five minutes away from that location on the SW side of Edmonton. We determined Friday night would be best for a viewing and comparison of the show homes.

Briefly we went over our short list of must have’s in a property and agreed to contact our previous realtor to see if she too could assist in this new house hunting adventure?

“To be honest with you, I thoroughly enjoyed looking over the Altius property but I do have a few items I am skeptical about.. but think this can be cleared up with our viewing the property together.” She nodded her head in agreement, then said, “What are your top five must have’s?”

  • His Must Have’s
    • Big Yard
    • Lots of windows
    • Open main floor plan
    • Must allow pets
    • Large garage

  • Her Must Have’s
    • Open main floor plan
    • Lots of natural light
    • A large kitchen
    • Office space
    • Bathtub

We went online and booked back to back appointments at the two properties for the upcoming Friday night. Then we discussed capping a total number of properties we would look at and we agreed that it should be no more than 10 properties this time around.

Two nights later we met up at the Altius property after work. Upon entering we were asked to use the hand sanitizer and remove our shoes. We introduced ourselves and began the 10-cent tour.

Whilst climbing the stairs, we inquired about additional parking for residents and visitors. We were informed surface parking could be added into the purchase for a nominal price.

Entering into the open concept space we all hmmm’d and haaaa’d at the beautiful L-shaped kitchen at to the left as Shauna went left into it and I went right into the eating area and family room.

“Hey, does this space feel tight to you?” I asked over top of their kitchen chit chat. She stopped talking the buddy and replied, “Yeah, it does feel smaller with more people inside it.” Reluctantly the sales guy nodded and confirmed the tightness of the unit saying it was only 13.5 ft wide.

At the top of the next flight of stairs Shauna opened what she thought to be the linen closet and was surprised by the stackable laundry machines then commented, “This is an awkward space to do laundry in.”

After a perusal of the two master suite bedrooms/bathrooms we all walked back down the two flights of stairs into the garage to receive additional feedback, a list of other Altius properties which might suit our needs better and the area sales reps information. We thanked him for his time then departed for our next appointment five minutes away.

Standing in front of the Glenridding property door, we both completed the entrance questionnaire to inform neither of us had any COVID-19 symptoms. We received a code and entered into the show home.

An excited as always hostess named Ashley bounced over to us and ran through the show home list of protocols: must not touch anything, must use hand sanitizer, must use booties over socks, must not use any bathrooms and must keep social distancing at all times. If any questions arise they were here in the garage-office to assist.

We were then let loose to wander around and view the floor plans.

Like my last visit we started in the Prescott.

“How did you feel about the Altius?” I asked as we checked out the flex room beyond the garage area. She smiled and said the flex room looked like a nice spot for a cup of coffee and a book then replied, “I agree with your assessment. The last property was definitely tighter when there were more bodies inside. But nonetheless I liked it and the pricing was reasonable, too.”

We wandered through the Prescott without saying much to each other then headed back downstairs and past the sales reps, and into the foyer to begin our review of the Emerson floor plan.

As I knew what awaited us at the top of the stairs I let her climb them first. Before I could reach the halfway point she shrieked out, “This is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G… have you seen this KITCHEN!!!” I smiled and walked up behind her.

“Well, what do you think?” I asked.

This is unreal! I love it! I love it! I love it! And I want to see more of it.”

Standing at the top of the stairs I beamed as she wandered through the main floor, pointing out what she liked about the decor and why she liked this open floor plan. She even noted how much larger this space felt over the other property down the street.

“Oh, did you see the pantry, it’s not all that big, but I think its doable. Look at all these cupboards in the kitchen. I love love love this ginormous island. Are you serious, a gas fire place! Oooh boy it has a nice view of the golf course. Look at these hanging pendant lights. Do you like the colour of these cupboards? OMG did you see that faux brick mantel. I think I could do without the glass partition going up the stairs…” on and on she went as she began to climb up the second flight of stairs.

Finally I thought… we are on the same page!

Upstairs we went in and out of each room talking slightly about what each space would mean for us. An office, a guest room, a room with a tub and one with a shower, a walk-in master closet and a large master bedroom.

“Well,” I began, “What do you think of these two properties?”

She stood in silence.

Then she said, “you win… this property is much larger than the Altius. I don’t think they can compete. I would like to know the price of these units? We should go ask that girl downstairs. What was her name again?” Ashley,” I said with a smile. Then began the descent back to the ground level.

“What did you two think?” said Ashley as we re-entered. Without opening my mouth Shauna replied, “These are lovely show homes and we would like to know what the starting price is, when these units are available for move-in and do you have additional information we can review?”

She led us over to their community map and began with asking which floor plan we liked best? In unison we responded “Emerson” then all three of us laughed.

Pointing at the map Ashley informed, “The ones overlooking the pond start at $360,000.00 these over in the courtyard start at $350,000.00 then these here in sections 7 and 10 all start at $340,000.00 and after you leave if you have any questions you can contact Lynn Ly whom will assist you.”

We thanked Ashely for her time, gathered up our shoes and headed outside to start our vehicles. “How about we discuss what we just saw over margarita’s and tacos at Three Amigos?” I said. She nodded her head in agreement and we drove away.

While parking our respective vehicles at the Three Amigos, I thought about the two properties, what I liked and disliked about each of them then thought to myself I wonder if Landmark Homes has any other properties they are building in Edmonton?

Landmark Homes at Glenridding