Driving Into the Unknown; Viewing Property in Northeast Edmonton

Sitting back in the oversized micro-leather black chair it facing our back patio door and a wide bay window overlooking the sparse trees along the fence. My face twisting into and out of perplexing contours and configurations when my wife interrupted my thoughts with, “hey what has you perplexed this morning?” This unexpected interruption pulling my thoughts out of my head and into the voice responder. “Huh, oh nothing…” I replied then a few seconds later, “I was thinking over those floor plans we saw a few days back. What was it that you really liked about them?”

As she pondered the question my head tilted left starring out the window watching a small bird hop back and forth around the barren tree branches. He must be mystified or pissed off because the temperatures keep warming up and instead of cooling down. Its unnatural for this little bird…

She sat down on the matching micro-leather black couch then again, interrupted my commentary inside my head as she responded with, “I really loved the openness, of those larger houses. They really brought in a ton of natural light! The whole place felt warm and cozy. What about yourself? What did you like most about them?”

Chuckling, my mouth opened and I said, “The garage… Wouldn’t it be nice to have a space that is all our own. No other cars coming in and out of the space. We could hang things on the walls. We could sit inside there drinking beers on a Saturday afternoon, or work on various household projects or just you know paint the walls and store whatever other stuff we decide to own.” I smiled at the idea of owning my own garage then sat back into the chair a large grimace falling all about my face.

After tea, I headed into our office and powered up the iMac. A few minutes later I was starring at the Landmark Homes website looking over their map about developments in the metro Edmonton area; Southwest (Glenridding, Keswick, Chaparelle), Southeast (Walker Lakes) and Northeast (Kirkness Place).

Bouncing in and out of each development I learnt only the property called Kirkness Place, had the same floor plans: Emerson and Prescott, as the Unexpected Stop in Glenridding, did the other day.

Promptly I called out asking what the wide was doing the rest of the day? She answered with a nothing much response, as this music to my ears rang out, I replied, “do you want to check out this other Landmark Homes location this afternoon? They have the same floor plans as the ones in the SW!”

Within minutes, her head popped into the office, “for real?” Yup.”

After lunch we decided to head out about one-thirty and I decided to drive since I had located the property. Into the Tacoma we went and headed out for the twenty-five minute drive into the Northeast.

At first it reminded me of the recent drives I had been taking in the middle of the night to Chasing Aurora Borealis, of course totally different times of day and the roads were more heavily travelled.

We ideally chatted about nothing on the drive over.

Crossing over the North Saskatchewan river we yielded the Tacoma onto the first exit 153rd Avenue NW. A left turn at this light and down the road about a kilometre. Another left and we were into the Kirkness neighbourhood. One block more we stopped, signalled and turned right. On our left was the Kirkness Place Townhomes by Landmark Homes.

We pulled the Tacoma in behind the last unit on the right which held an “Open” sign in the front window. Around the back we found a parking space, downed on our masks and headed towards the showhome man door.

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb