An Unexpected Discovery; Kirkness Place Townhomes

She popped out of the truck face mask over her ears and smiled with her eyes. “This place doesn’t look too bad from the outside. What do you think the inside looks like?” I shook my head in wonderment. “Well, let’s go check this out.”

Upon entering into the show home the women at the single desk off to the left said, “hello nice people what brings you in today?” And before either of us could answer she says, “By chance are you guys first time home buyers?”

Stunned we looked at each other, then laughed, then replied in unison, “how did you know that?”

Everyone continued to laugh as they introduced themselves.

Hi, I am Sheila and this is Kelley. We are the sales reps. As for that other question, this property is for first time buyers. We have to ask everyone who comes into the show home. So, are you guys first time buyers?”

“We sure are,” replied Shauna.

We love your mask!” said Sheila, looking at my ginormous yellow grinning mask.

“Please kickoff your shoes, have some hand sanitizer, take a look around and when you are ready to chat let us know what you think about the place,” informed Kelley.

“Will do,” I smiled under my mask and we headed for the door between the office (garage space) and the foyer awaiting our eagerly anticipating eyes.

Half an hour later we had finally reached the top floor. “Well what do you think?” she asked. “Its nearly the same as the one we saw the other day. Literally the difference is location. I wonder what units they have available?” I replied. “Yeah! And I wonder what the price point is?” she informed.

Tackling the steps two at a time, we both bound down from the top floor into the main floor and kitchen smiling ear to ear and headed down the second flight of stairs laughing as we reached the foyer.

“Back sooo, soon,” said a slightly disappointed voice next to the desk.

“Not exactly,” replied the wife. “We’d like to know what the starting price point is for these units? And We’d like to know which ones are available?

We were taken over to the wall map and informed that currently they were building Phase 10 and Phase 11. Both had a total of 7-units in the section. Each of them had front doors with Southern exposure and garages with Northern exposure. These units happened to overlook the City park which is all green space that will never be zoned or developed.

Landmark Homes

In the Phase 10 building we have units 13, 15, 16, and 19 available.

In the Phase 11 building, which we are prepping for framing coming up we have units 29, 27, 25, 24 and 23 available. These units will be ready later in the year. Whereas Phase 10 should be ready by mid to end of summer.

Starring at the map, we asked if we could see some of the units in the Phase 10 building.

Kelley grabbed her keys, and we all grabbed our shoes and coats.

In and out of each unit we went.

After an hour more of looking at the 4-possible units, we thanked both Kelley and Sheila for their time, then climbed back into the Tacoma. As the truck warmed up, we sat in silence just thinking through all the information we had just learnt.

“Hey are you hungry?” I asked. She smile and replied, “I could eat.”

I drove off towards a nearby Boston Pizza for a bite to eat and a discussion about what we had just been through.

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb

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