A Review of Aspirations in Twenty Twenty-One


Three hundred and sixty-one days ago I wrote an article about why Goals are Important; That’s Why You Should Set Them Annually, and today I’ve been reviewing this article as well as the 10-goals which were penned inside the light blue notebook with the gold embossed lettering: SUPER GREAT IDEAS.

This afternoon I’ve been reviewing the goals we wrote on January 5th, 2021 to see how the year faired.

For three-months, I ticked off daily goals, weekly accomplishments and monthly aspirations. It seemed plausible this year we were going to be accomplishing a lot of our aspirations!

But then something occurred and April onwards there was no more marks. No more lists of books being read, or in progress. The bullet journal ceased to exist.

And to my surprise…

Goals of 2021

Results of 2021

  1. Work off 50 lbs of weight
  2. Invest $500 into RRSP
  3. Invest $1,000 into Questrade
  4. Read 2-books per month
  5. Study PMBOK and write exam
  6. Be Active 30 minutes per day
  7. Complete one road trip per season
  8. Write at least 1-blog post per week
  9. Write and edit manuscript
  10. Learn a new activity
  1. Demolished 15 lbs!
  2. Invested $12,000 into RRSP!
  3. Invested $12,000 into Questrade!
  4. Read 6 and started 6 more
  5. Failed to study
  6. Completed 6 months
  7. Completed half
  8. Wrote 1.75 posts per week
  9. Failed to finish script
  10. Learned two new activities!!
  • RRSP – Registered Retirement Savings Plan
  • PMBOK – Project Management Book of Knowledge

This afternoon all I have been thinking about is how can I improve on the seventy-percent accomplished?

What can I do differently to accomplish MORE goals?

Then it hit me, what if for twenty-twenty-two instead of writing the list of goals in a notebook which I keep flipping forward and writing more into. Why not use a different type of accomplishment list?

What if I wrote all of the goals into a monthly calendar?

What if the wall calendar were hung in an area that I would see more than once a day?

Would this improve my overall results.

As a visual person this idea struck my nerves and I punched the air with a Whoop Whoop loud enough to spook my wife who was sitting quietly at her desk reading.

For each day I want to accomplish a goal, I will simply pencil it into the calendar just as you would a birthday, or anniversary.

Then each time a goal is accomplished it will be highlighted in green for success, yellow for partial success and orange if it was not completed.

This visual information will provide simple reinforcement daily of goals being accomplished or those that are slipping to the wayside. As well as it will provide a clear understanding of upcoming goals in the weeks ahead.

A giant smile came crossed my face about this brilliant idea of visually seeing each goal. Followed by a contemplated frown of disgust as I realized I would have to come up with a new list of aspirations for twenty-twenty-two long with locate a suitable calendar in the next couple of days and of course find a suitable place to hang this 2022 calendar of aspirations in our new home, for daily use!