The Taco Future Is Nigh

Okay okay, I’ve had my Taco for like almost 2-years, and I’m already contemplating the revolution of its future with all the bling bling of EV tech going on. Honestly, its a bit overwhelming when you compare an ICE Taco MSRP to say a Rivian RT1 MSRP but hey, I suppose by 2030 the ICE and the EV should be similar in MSRP. MSRP – manufactures suggested retail price

2022 Tacoma TRD Pro

The point being is this beauty which is the top of the line Tacoma TRD Pro will run someone in Canada a cool $59,800.00 plus taxes for the automatic tranny or if your into shifting which also doubles as a theft deterrent then its only $55,730.00 plus taxes. For your hard earned money you receive all the top notch gear like fox racing shocks, TRD exhaust, TRD skid plates, TRD air intake, TRD filters, a rear differential lock, TRD lift kit, heritage front grille, crawl control, multi-terrain selector (only on AT), TRD black alloy wheels and oh so much more!

But what if top of the line just is not your trim? What are the other options for your Taco desires?

How about the resurrected trim model known as TRD Trail teams edition. This bad boy brings you down nearly ten-G’s to a price tag of $47,440.00 plus taxes. Of course the Trail edition doesn’t come with the fancy hood scoop or blacked out decal on its hood but it does come in two distinct colours: Lunar Rock or Army Green. Also the TRD Trail is loaded with its own set of gear like Predator side step bars, skid plate, fuel tank and transfer case protection plates, Heritage front grille, 16″ off road bronze wheels, a rear locking differential, multi-leaf spring rear suspension, a suspension lift kit, and the class IV towing receiver.

Not a bad option, if your into Lunar Rocks and Predator Steps!

For myself I’d just remove these step side rails, sell them to another local Taco fan and purchase a set of aftermarket rock rails to ensure when out on the trail, the damage is on the rail not on the side of the truck. No one likes dents in their brand new Taco!

2022 Tacoma Trail edition

Of course, if you are like myself you are probably doing your own RDM (research & decision making) based on the all time favourite in the Taco lineup, the one and only TRD Off Road!

This actual bad boy in this line up is reasonably priced at $45,440.00 CAD and it comes with a slew of reasons why you will want to drive it immediately into a mud puddle, ice bath or up the side of a steep switch back mountain trail.

  • Front and Rear Bilstein Shock Absorbers
  • Off Road Body Kit
  • Rear Locking Differential
  • 16″ Rugged Aluminium Alloy Wheels
  • Fuel Tank & Transfer Case Protector Plate
  • Front Skid Plate
  • P265/70R16 All-terrain tires
  • 4-wheel Crawl Control
  • Multi-Select Terrain
  • Multi-Leaf Spring Rear Suspension
  • Suspension Lift (FR +28 mm, RR +13 mm)
  • Power-Assisted, Front Ventilated Disc Brakes & Rear Drum Brakes
  • Class IV Hitch Receiver

I mean really, what’s not to like about this Double Cab Short Bed Taco?

2022 Tacoma TRD Off Road

Okay, I know WHAT your thinking…

Why is this guy always going on and on about Tacomas ???

Well its because they are AWESOME to drive, they go through anything you put them through, they are resilient and of course they are a blast to drive. And that’s not all because Toyota is currently working with their engineers on transforming the ICE Taco into a fabulous forward thinking platformed based Taco EV which is to be released at the end of the 2023 with a moniker of 2024! And to top off all this excitement about Tacomas, well there is the fact about how they retain their value like no other vehicle on the planet.

2024 Toyota Tacoma EV

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb