An Eruption of Laughter and the Sweet Surrender of Serendipity

Whilst the hostess set down the menus and silverware wraps we tugged on our zippers pulling apart the sides of our jacket, Shauna drew her arms out then snuggled up inside the jacket while I tossed the jacket, toque and gloves into the awaiting seat next to mine then sat down.

Neither of us spoke for ten minutes as we perused the Gluten-wise menu.

Upon the waitresses arrival at our table we politely asked for our usual trio of meals; 1 gluten-free pizza well-done with pepperoni, mushrooms and banana peppers, 1 chicken pecan salad and 1 double order of hot baked chicken wings with a side of Memphis hot sauce, too. All items for a pair of Celiac’s. A bottomless cup of coffee for her and a bottomless glass of water for him.

Waitress away to plug in our orders we starred at each other in silence awaiting the other one to speak first. After a ten minute standoff we opened up the site brochure and without looking down said, “Well… which unit did you like best?” Blankly her eyes rose up from the pamphlet and without responding to the direct question instead replied with a question. “Why not both of us on the count of three say the unit number of the one we liked the most?” I could see where this was going and nodded my head in agreement.

“One, two, three…” she said followed by “number sixteen.” Her eyes began to sparkle as my lips said the exact same number! and an eruption of laughter struck us both. The tables around us starred in our direction as if we were not supposed to be this loud on a Thursday evening.

“Why did you choose number sixteen?” I asked.

She starred down at the pamphlet then back up at me. Her eyes still sparkling. “Is it not obvious to you? The front door faces south. It was SUPER warm inside there and I just love love loved the open concept floor plan. It has plenty of space for the two of us and that ginormous City park just out our front door.” I giggled inside at the insinuating use of the words; “our front door” then smiled and said, “go on.”

The one thing I would want to know is how far is the commute to the various fitness centres from there, and…” her voice trailed off as she was interrupted by the waitress and the bottomless pitcher of fresh coffee. Beverages filled back up, we starred down at the pamphlet together.

“Do you think the price is decent for this unit?” she asked knowing I’d have already done my research. “It’s a great location, with a great starting price point… and I too, love the openness, the natural light, the huge windows on both sides of the unit and the open park which will never be developed. Also I like that there is an Elementary school across the park, a playground and sports fields. Its resale value should be well worth the price tag in a few years time, too.”

As our wings and salad arrived we stopped the idle chit chat and sunk our teeth into the meal. Chewing bite after bite to get our heads back on straight before we proceeded down the path of decision making, possible second viewings and anything that resembled justification of buying a new townhome over buying or renting another condo. Six wings later and half a glass of water, I started with, “What do you think a fair offer price would be?” “Can you do that?” she asked between bites of pecans, carrots, cheese and leafy greens. “I would think so. I would think its like when you are buying a new car. They have an asking price and its up to you to negotiate the final price of it with their sales people. Thankfully both Sheila and Kelley seem fairly easy going characters to talk to about this kind of thing. Especially with this being a first time buyer’s community.”

Kirkness Place Townhomes, by Landmark Homes

For the next hour we sat, ate and continued our debrief about the property, its location, its relative position to our work places, our friends and other nearby amenities like Manning Towne Centre. By the time the waitress brought us our bill, we had decided to come back on Saturday afternoon to view number sixteen in the daylight hours and to see just how intense the south facing windows would absorb the warm heat of the sun.

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb

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