Online Surveys; Are They Worth Your Efforts?

For nearly the last 2-hours I have sat at my desk churning through survey after survey on two platforms: Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. Earlier in the day I had been searching for ways to generate a bit of side hustle income. The first thing I kept seeing pop up were “simple survey’s” or “high paying survey’s” and “it takes just a few minutes.”

For myself the only true way to check if these were legitimate income producing side hustles was to sign up for a couple new accounts and get to taking those surveys.

First up: Survey Junkie

The longest part of the day is reading through the five or more different policies and standards that you have to agree to before you were eligible to sign-up for an account. Some of those policies were;

  • Privacy Policy
  • Fraudulent Policy
  • Cookies Policy
  • Rewards Policy
  • Standards Policy

More than likely most people just click the boxes and carry-on their merrily way into the account page, however I’m not really that guy anymore and have learnt that the devils in the details. Meaning you should always read the fine print as there might be something significant to gain from reading through these policies that you are agreeing to.

Such as, in the Cookies Policy it talks about how if in the future you want to Opt out of Intentional Cookies, that you can go into the settings area on your account profile and remove or opt-out of specific Cookies which will no longer track your every movement.

Once into the account, it was all fairly straight forward. There were a couple of introductory note cards which take you through a variety of screens, giving you a quick run-down on what the information on the dashboard is all about.

You can log-in via Facebook or Google or sign-up with an alternate email address. I chose Gmail and was into the account in no time.

First up, is you can click your way through several short profile surveys which you will earn around 100 points.

  • General profile
  • Technology profile
  • Shopping profile
  • Health profile
  • Household profile
  • Interests profile
  • Travel profile

These initial survey’s help the algorithms select specific surveys that will curb to your appetite. For example if you are a family of 4 without children living in the home, you can opt out of completing surveys about children by acknowledging that you do not have children at home. Or if you are bound by religion or political backgrounds, you can answer questions which will curb the tastes and likes of what you are into; music, trucks, travel, culinary, veganism, sports, science, movies, etc.

From here on out, it is really quite simple.

You will receive direct emails and these will inform you of new available surveys.

Survey Junkie Email

These emails inform you what points you will earn for taking the survey and how long it takes.

You simply click on the email link (red button) and it will auto-log you into your account as well as you will immediately be transferred over to the dedicated survey.

If you are like myself your personal email inbox is a haven of subscribed emails and weeding through it might not always be easy to locate what you are looking for.

For myself the easier way to get started with taking surveys was to simply log into the account and view the dashboard.

Survey Junkie Dashboard

Above your dashboard will show you a list of available surveys. In the above screenshot we can see four different possible surveys ranging in points from 25 to 40.

Each survey square provides specific information;

  • Survey number 5918622
  • Duration of the survey 26 minutes
  • Number of points you will earn 35 points
  • Type of survey green diamond is shopping profile

This criteria matches the general profile surveys mentioned above which you should have completed first thing, as it will allow the survey algorithms to direct specific surveys to your inbox as well as onto your dashboard.

Okay, so where is the Side Hustle in all of this?

Each time you complete a survey you earn points.

Points are redeemed through a value of $5.00 USD per 500 points earned.

Here is the catch.

If you reside inside the United States, you can redeem your earned points for e-gift cards, or have a cash payout handled through PayPal, or have your funds issued into a direct US bank account.

If you reside outside the United States, then you can only redeem your earned points through cash payouts via PayPal.

Another item of contention, after you have verified your account.

If you live inside the United States, and you earn more than $600.00 USD in any one calendar year, then you will be issued an IRS 1099 form. This form will need to be accompanied by an IRS W-9 form and submitted with your taxes.

If you reside outside of the United States, and you earn more than $600.00 USD in any one calendar year, it is up to you, to report this to your tax agency and follow their governing tax rules.

Will Survey Junkie make you rich? doubtful

However Survey Junkie could supplement your side hustle income by providing you with a few choice e-gift cards, or a cash sum of money via PayPal.

Realistically speaking if you could earn the top dollar figure of $600.00 USD in 26 weeks which is 6-months, then you would be making about $23 per week. Or if you converted that into CAD, its around $30 per week, or $761.00 CAD in 26 weeks.

Of course, you could always make more than that, if you were willing to put in more time on completing more than 2-hours of surveys each week. As they say the skies the limit.

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb