Affiliate Marketing; Round Two, a Man with a Plan!

I know a few of you are like “Wait What?!” didn’t this guy try reinventing the wheel last year? And I suppose you are correct. I totally went in with my blinders on and high hopes of understanding the content and sub-context that surrounds the mysterious achievement called “Affiliate Marketing.”

This post is one-quarter lessons learned about the ruthless entity called ===> Affiliate Marketing, or perhaps its a reflection of days spent last year creating content around AM just trying to get a handle on how-to land those clicked-click-click links to earn some side hustle dollar bills.

What was missing in the first round?

To be perfectly honest, I did what I always do with anything that EXCITES me I go head first into the content without doing a whole lot of research. Excitement and bravery over common sense and research. What was the end result? A few months of creating multiple YouTube videos that went no where, an Instagram page that continued to fall apart and a strategy, well there really wasn’t one to speak of… just my head strong self going full bore in about ten different directions and headed straight down the path known as the failure bucket!

What’s different this time around?

Well its pretty simple.

The first step in any good plan, is to draft a plan, and in order to draft a successful plan you need to find a few mentors to help you along the road to a successful goal. Also it helps if you begin to conduct research on the topic of choice which your plans will be built around.

What’s “really the goal”?

Its the age old story about the hare and the tortoise. Round one I was the hare. I ran as fast as I possible could and ran out of juice. Round two I’m going to be a tortoise. I’m going to build a plan and follow said plan on a slow and steady pace to enable us to reach the proverbial finish line.

What’s the “finish line”?

It’s what we all really want to earn, an early retirement with multiple streams of passive income. For many this is the holy grail of existence to drop their 9-to-5 daily grind at the office and allow themselves the freedom to do whatever they wish they had more time to do. Such as more time for travel; anytime and to anywhere.

Lesson Learned

  • Its better to start with a plan that can evolve, then to not start with a plan at all