South Facing Windows Are a Blessing for Heating a House

The week went by in a flash and before we knew it we were sitting in the Tacoma driving East along Whitemud headed towards the northeast corner of the city. Idly we chatted about how fast the week flew by then we sat in silence enjoying the sounds of Colin James, 40 Light Years.

On this particular morning the steam rose up off the North Saskatchewan river as we glided over the two lane bridge and rounded off at exit 52. Pulling up to the light, we sat idling awaiting it to turn green.

Turning right we headed west down 153rd Avenue NW passing the first, and second lights. We pulled up to a yellow then red at the third light. Idling again as the CD moved on to King of Swing, by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Light green we pulled ahead to 30th Street NW turned south and as I pulled up to the stop sign I heard giggling in the seat to my right.

Turning my head Shauna broke the morning silence by saying overtop of the lyrics, “Its going to be a nice day, with all this sunshine flooding into those big windows.”

Tacoma parked in visitor parking we entered into the showroom office when Kelley looked up from her diligent fingers pounding across her keyboard. At first we thought she didn’t recognize us but then said with a jovial smile beneath her mask, “I’m happy to see you two are awake and smiling. Let me just finish this email up, then we’ll head down to unit 16 for a morning walk and sunshine break.”

As we awaited Kelley the two of us looked over the map on the wall showing which units were available, sold, and pending sale.

Jackets, masks, boots on, we headed outside and Kelley flipped the Will be back soon signage then locked the door behind us.

Walking down the driveway towards unit 16, Shauna and Kelley idly chatted about the week, our last visit, the coffee they both had this morning and that they both could use another. At the door Kelley remarked as she previously had about how she just loves my giant yellow smiling face mask as it just brightens her mood. I laughed and responded with, “you know, I seem to get that response a lot wearing this mask. And of course it never lies.”

Into the garage we went.

Kelley unlocked the entry door and we all three piled into the foyer. As we entered we chit-chatted about the possibility of owning a dog. She informed most townhouse communities had a rule about size of dog. I replied, “That’s all good. We are interested in a St Bernard, or a Marmaduke, or a Chocolate Lab.” I waited for the “size” of the dogs to make realization with her then laughed saying we were more interested in a smaller dog like a Boston Terrier or a Staffordshire, something in the 25-pound range. We all laughed and the women headed up the stairs, as I stepped into the flex room to see how warm it was.

Upstairs I found Shauna looking at the half bath and Kelley standing in front of the big window in the warmth of the sunshine overlooking the park.

Unit 16 South Facing Park View in February 2021

“How is it down in the flex room?” Shauna asked as I stepped up to the large island in the centre of the room. “Its definitely warm down there. Almost as hot as it is up here. Kelley how long would you say the sun has been coming through the window this morning?” She thought it over then said a couple of hours.

Next we checked out the thermostat. It said the temperature in the room was 27-degrees Celsius (80F). Wow! that sure is warm, is what I thought happily standing in my shorts in the middle of the room. Shauna looked at my perplexed face and worried it was too warm inside the unit.

Before she could ask the question, I knew instantly what she was about to say when I interrupted her by saying, “It’d be shorts weather everyday in this home!” with both a giant smile on my mask as well as below it.

They both laughed.

Then Shauna and I headed upstairs.

Once out of Kelley’s hearing range Shauna says, “Well what do you think now?” and before I could respond she was standing in the master bedroom overlooking the park basking in the warm sunshine. Approaching from the back, I hugged her and whispered, “this place will do just fine.”

Back down stairs Kelley asked what else we wanted to do? We took out the measuring tape and measured the two bay areas one in the nook and one in the family room. Both areas would be great for built-in cupboards, a faux electric fireplace and other decor.

Strolling back up the driveway towards the showroom, Shauna asked Kelley what the next steps involved? “At the moment, I will take one of those little yellow stickers and place it on Unit 16. Then on Tuesday Sheila will reach out to you with the initial package of information by Landmark Homes and City of Edmonton First Place Program. You’ll review that, then it is time to celebrate!”

Parting ways near the Tacoma, we thanked Kelley for her time this morning and informed we would see her again soon. “Do you think she is right?” Shauna says, “do you think it is time to celebrate?” Pulling my mask off, I replied, “I sure do. We should celebrate with a strawberry milkshake, fries and a burger at Rockin’ Robyn’s! Are you in?” Instead of a yes lets go, she threw her fist into the air pumping it up and down and says Whoop Whoop ALL ABOARD!!

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb

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