It’s Officially Official Day; DNA is Alive!

Hello Friends of the Internet,

Today we are proud to announce on Canadian Family Day we ripped off the bandaid here at by purchasing a NEW flashy domain name…

Distracted in Alberta

James and myself (Aaron) have been working on getting our proverbial stuff together over the past couple of years to bring Distracted in Alberta to the next level of Internet Entertainment with our stories starting here in Central Alberta Canada and spreading out there to the rest of the world!

We have been madly working in the background to pull things together over the past 18-months to keep you entertained, and learn the beginnings of Affiliate Marketing, Blog Monetinization, taking courses on building a Brand and learning how-to market our corner of the internet.

Our first post was published way way back on January 9, 2013. It was called Just for Laughs and was really just a poem or mantra about life at the time because our friends at WordPress then, as they do today, said “You just need to get that first post published then you will be off and writing!” Perhaps we took this comment and first post to mean more than just a way to start… as from it, it spawned the next 353 articles over the past 8+ years plus another 120 article ideas in the hopper at various stages of writing production. From just a word with a photo, to a full blown too many words written article that just needs editing.

For nearly four years, I (Aaron) wrote about stories coming out of Central Alberta Canada until we introduced the world to our newest writer: James Curtis.

James joined our merry band of one giving DNA (Distracted in Alberta) another voice, another perspective and a bit of butt kicking to get things moving along in the background. As I had become heavily distracted by other things going on in life here in Edmonton.

You may remember Jame’s first article published on January 15, 2017 it was called “We Can Hit the Trails Together” and was a story about his first motorcycle. It has everything you would consider a boy with his first 80cc motorbike is all about. The thrill of speed and excitement with a spectacular ending! James’ writing brought a new flavour to the blog.

Since then… its been Aaron & James, concurring and writing about our misadventures based here in Central Alberta Canada!

We appreciate your following along as we transfer our site from into Distracted in Alberta a.k.a. DNA and look forward to your future comments of our writings, helping us keep the lights on so to speak by clicking on the soon to be sidebar button “buy us java” or visiting our still under construction merchandise shop! Where we will have a few t-shirts, a couple of hoodies, a handful of stickers and of course those beloved Trucker hats! All fashionable and all at reasonable prices!

We are SUPER EXCITED for the next chapter of our blog turned website, and look forward to sharing MORE adventures, explorations, opinions and content with all of you our beloved readers!


Aaron & James