How Do You Make Money Blogging?

This is the BIG question isn’t it.

How will we make money blogging? Can our blog idea become BIG enough enough where it begins earning a bit of coin? Is there anything we can proactively do to ensure our blog is growing, bring in traffic, and organic views?

All of these questions have been pondered day-in and day-out for the past two weeks. First up you have to be committed to writing in your blog to bring UP its ratings on internet searches. Does anyone know how to locate those “key words” which will be like a video going viral? What words are better than others? Are there word generators?

Doing my own research a handful of articles talked about your specific URL and how if it matches other key words in a search that your blog-site might get lost amongst the big names already on the web. Therefore you want to move away from items which relate to your theme.

Thus if your blog is about making money or travel then you would be foolish to have your URL be similar to; Making Sense of Money, Financial Freedom, Travel Canada, Explore Edmonton, etc etc.

You need something catchy.

Something like Go Curry Cracker, which is definitely a catchy URL but it doesn’t spell out what the site is about? Its a blog-site about finances, FIRE (financial independence retire early) and travel hacks.

En Route NYC by JacksonCrabb Photography

For a while now, we have been diligently generating content YET we have not taken the plunge because there is that little voice in the back of our head playing “devil’s advocate” about flipping the free WordPress site, into a paid URL.

What are you scarred of?


However we slice the pie, we understand the critical path is laying down those Credit Card digits and pressing the “pay now” button to ACTIVATE your domain and have your website hit the internet!

The key to success is having a plan and following this plan through its starting points then following the evolution which will begin to unfold before you as you begin to generate content.

  1. Plan For Success
    1. What is the title of your blog?
    2. What will your blog be about?
    3. How will you make money from your blog?
    4. How do you plan to grow your blog?
    5. What goals are you working towards?

~ James Curtis