One Thousand Entries for Twenty Bucks; 50/50 Are You For Real?

Seriously 50/50 has become an explosive fundraising event here in the Capital City of Alberta. Our province and its residents have gone ape shit krazy about the chance to win a fifty-percent pot. A few years back in 2019 the 50/50 was spread across an online fundraising page. The page had 10,000 hits every second. And was literally kicking people out of the system before you knew if you had been entered. The sickest part is because the system was overloaded it kept collecting money even though it pushed you out of the system or declined your card.

In the end hundreds of thousands of transactions had occurred. People were charged $10,000 + CAD for raffle tickets. The jackpot that night was a cool $5 million CAD! Literally if you kept your money in this raffle you had a chance at $2.5 million dollars. The following day the jackpot reached nearly $9 million dollars before the site crashed.

It took the fundraising committee and the platform nearly 1 week per event to sort out which transactions where “true” and which were “false”. We actually read one guy maxed out his credit card a balance of $25,000 dollars in a matter of a few hours because he never received any confirmation emails. Thus he kept trying all night to get a confirmation that he was entered. In the morning his inbox of his email account was chalked full of receipts because after midnight the platform stopped receiving entries. And as the early morning hours ticked on, the system processed nearly 2.75 million transactions.

Both of these raffles set fundraising records with pots of $5 million and $7 million dollars!

A few days ago, we happened to catch an Edmonton Oilers vs Minnesota Wild game on the television when we were eating dinner at the local Canadian Brewhouse pub and grill. During the second period I noticed on the tele a flashing message about tonight’s 50/50. The jackpot was currently $1.35 million and rising. Then as you would expect the program to cut to commercial it didn’t. Instead a pop-up appeared on the screen with the Edmonton Oilers logo and a message that you as a viewer did not want to miss out on the chance of winning this $650,000 dollar payout. So, you should get right on it to purchase your $20 worth of tonight’s 50/50 jackpot!

My whole body flinched.

Its mesmerizing the adrenaline you get when thinking about spending that $20 and receiving your 50 tickets! Because you literally fold them up and stuff them in a pocket until the end of the game, when someone hiding away somewhere will pull the winning ticket. And for all you know the winning ticket number might be crammed in your jeans butt pocket! Which means you might be literally sitting on a jackpot!

There have been people who bought tickets, lost them in-transit after the hockey game and the next day their ticket is announced as the winner.

And when that person never finds the winning ticket to make that claim on their jackpot the organizers take those unclaimed funds and roll them over into the next 50/50 jackpot.

That’s some awful karma right there, boy! You literally where holding thousands of potential dollars in your hand. But hey good thing you drank like a fish, or smoked that joint outside before the 3rd period and after the event you were all hyped up on reality. I mean if we think about it, really you just helped out whomever pulls the winning ticket at the next event. I’m sure they will be extremely happy that your jackpot is now in their bank account.

Thanks pal!

The mantra of hockey games should be … if your spending money on a possible $ million dollar 50/50 jackpot, perhaps you should consider;

Staying sober at hockey games?

Or at least… paying attention to where you have stowed your 50/50 raffle tickets? Like give them to that pretty blonde lady who has been sitting next to you all evening screaming at the top of her lungs to get off the glass! Or perhaps think like a latch-key kid and stuff them in the top of your socks. Of better yet, you know that stash pocket where you have your next bowl sitting. Why not stuff these possible millionaire tickets in that pocket. After all, we both know that in the morning your going to go for a toke… and instead your going to find these tickets… the WINNING TICKET!

~ James Curtis