The Side Hustle; How to Earn Passive Income!

According to our friends over at Merriam Webster and by literal definition, Side Hustle is a way to obtain by use of energy an activity that will sell or promote a new market or product.

Another way to look at a Side Hustle is to think of it as an active way to participate in gaining passive income. Damn it! What’s passive income?

Well, it’s quite simply, income you earn whilst you sleep.

This section of the woods will be dedicated to the Side Hustle.

We will try to define it for you, make you live breathe and understand that a Side Hustle is a way to earn passive money eventually. Its a way for you to have another income steam. Its a way for you to hustle, because everyday that you are not gaining then you are losing. And we don’t want to lose, now do we.

Side Hustle

  • An energetic activity that makes YOU extra money
  • a plan for YOU to get more money
  • a strategy for YOU to obtain passive income
  • a way YOU can generate an additional income stream

Are you ready for a side hustle?

If you answered: YES!!!

Then let’s explore those passive income options…

  • Side Hustle Initiatives
    • Take online survey’s to earn extra cash
    • Sign up for FIVERR and work for others
    • Place an advertisement on Facebook and use one of your skills; carpentry, carpet layer, landscaping, craft work, etc
    • Create a blog and sell advertisement space
    • Create a website and promote Affiliate Marketing links
    • Retail arbitrage, research things that sell on Amazon, buy cheap items from the dollar store and resell those things on Amazon
    • Write a dozen eBooks and self-publish on Amazon
    • Create an eCommerce website on SquareSpace or Shopify and sell merchandise
    • Create an account on Zazzle, or Cafe Press then create designs for drop ship merchandise
    • Take photographs and upload to 500px, or SmugHub and sell your photos
    • Create NFT’s and upload them onto OpenSea, or the Voice, or another platform

The best way to manage your time, is to generate a plan. Then stick with what your plan informs you. For myself, I have a calendar pinned to the wall. And on it, I’ve penciled in a daily task to achieve. its everything from editing a previous blog post, to attending an Affiliate Marketing course, to inputting SEO links, reading through other bloggers websites and engaging those folks, or finding a mentor, or a few of them and of course adding backlinks to posts which already exist.

Each and every one of these activities brings James and I, one step closer to achieving the ultimate goal: quitting the 9-to-5 job and turning the Side Hustle into the primary source of income. Then we will be onto generating the next Side Hustle passive income source.

Because you can never have enough passive income sources!

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And when you have your Side Hustle up and running, let us know. As we really want to repay you for clicking on our link!

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~ Aaron JacksonCrabb