Outlining Your Plans to Become an Affiliate Marketer

The very first thing anyone whose peddling the idea behind Affiliate Marketing informs you is the success rate of an Affiliate is less than 10%. This means 90% of people who attempt Affiliate Marketing are failing.


It is probably not from a lack of trying.

Fair enough.

What’s ironic for us though, is we come from the background of education where you are constantly failing and criticism is all you ever heard, day in and day out. Our college years were spent rifling around in the Arts & Culture of life. Our years of schooling eventually lead to a degree in commercial photography along with a secondary degree in photojournalism.

When someone says “its not doable…” we literally laugh and carry-on.

Is Affiliate Marketing Time Consuming?


Affiliate Marketing (AM) is not your regular 9-to-5 job when you start out. No, its more like a 9-to-9 job because there is soooo much to learn, apply for, strike out from, follow up, yield, add links, generate content, add back links, generate content, connect with, build a network, create more content, find an Affiliate Marketing program that will accept you and then YOU have to nurture all of this.

It takes time.

Where do you start? and when does it end?

It starts when you begin drafting your plan on how to become an Affiliate Marketer (AM). And it ends only when you begin to generate income. Of course, how much income is good for you depends on your goals within your AM plans.

At this point we have watched over 300 hours of Affiliate Marketing videos, read 15 books and attended a couple of seminars. And after going through all of this content you may want to head down to the gorgeous Okanagan Valley for some well deserved R&R and while you are enjoying yourself you might as well start thinking about how you need a plan to be successful in Affiliate Marketing!

What has all of this information taught us?

You Must Have A Plan, to be Successful!

Just like any new business or startup, your plan is your roadmap to success.

Affiliate Marketing; Round Two, a Man with a Plan! basically we’ve outlined the previous lessons learnt from our head strong events from a few months back. What we didn’t realize then was Aaron’s mentality is like the proverbial Bull in the China shop! A guy without a plan just a vision and an idea. All of this reminded me of that kids fable which everyone is extremely familiar with… the Tortoise and the Hare!

Our previous experience and strategy was all Hare… we ran and ran and ran in one direction without really playing much attention to the overall outcome of what we were doing.

We literally had “no plan”.

This folly lead us to creating a media-esque channel on YouTube and populating it on nearly a daily basis trying to generate content and bring in the views, subscribers and the likes. Then we took those same videos and uploaded shorter versions on Facebook and Instagram. But what we were not doing was driving any kind of traffic to these social areas.

We were less concerned with how-to complete this task and just expected it would all happen passively hoping for passive organic traffic. Its a new YouTube Channel about Affiliate Marketing Called JacksonCrabb Media! It lasted all of 4-months before we realized the Bull had broken ALL the China and we needed to regroup, rethink and re-strategize our approach on 1) Passive Income and 2) Affiliate Marketing.

As you may have figured out… We are not giving up, or waving the white flag . Instead we have regrouped, attended a few seminars, subscribed to a few video channels and started drafting out our own Affiliate Marketing Plan, Objectives and Goals.

THE FIRST OBJECTIVE in becoming successful in Affiliate Marketing;

Find yourself at least one Successful Mentor!

Then subscribe to their newsletter and read every word that comes in. Go onto their website and read their posts, look at their blog layout, what’s important, where people are commenting, why people are commenting, how to engage your audience, engage your mentor and strive to make your goals a success, just like your mentor before you did!

Our current list of Mentors

  • Making Sense of Cents – Michelle Gardner
  • Go Curry Cracker – Jeremy and Winnie
  • The Selling Family – Jessica Larrew
  • Martin Ebongue – Martin Ebongue
  • FireCracker & Wanderer – Millenial Revolution
  • John Bogle – Vanguard International
  • Dan Bortolotti – Canadian Couch Potato
    • and a few more

~ James Curtis

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