A FREE Ride on the Delta Express Tram

After polishing off the two 500-gram bins of food and washing it down with a cool litre of water from the Yeti tumbler it was time to get back on my feet and figure out how-to get onto the Delta Express Train running back and forth across the ceiling tiles.

Wandering a bit further down the concourse A terminal, I spun around on my heels just as the two trains glided past one another. Holy Shit! THERE’s TWO TRAINS!! Yup, I said that out loud in an airport terminal. It literally fell out of my head followed by laughter as I spun back around realizing I was all alone in the middle of this airport terminal. No kids, and no adults heard my bellowing about the twin trains up above the ceiling tiles.

In this moment I was totally nerding out in the hallway as I sprinted down the centre of the Concourse A terminal looking for the next activity a set of stairs, an escalator or an elevator that would take me upstairs to the departure gate. As soon as I spotted the stair case I went up two at a time carrying my roller carry-on like it was a small child.

At the top of the stairs, I frantically looked around to see where I had to pay my money for this epic journey above the terminal. Then the train approached, slowed to a halt and its doors opened. Only one passenger walked out of the centre car.

There was NO WAY, that I’d be in any other car than the first one starring down the tracks to see first how fast this sucker went and second to see where the two trains met then slipped passed the other one.

The AI voice belted out over the speakers… “please hold on the train is about to depart.” For myself, I whipped out my Samsung Note9 cellphone, switched it over to video and started recording.

Surprisingly the train speed up like an Electric Vehicle straight after the red light turned green! It was quicker than expected and if I wasn’t standing with my right foot behind me to brace for the jolt of speed, I would have fallen backwards on my asset!

The train gathered up speed and in a few quick minutes we were at the middle of the terminal then racing to the right as the other train speed up on the left. Both trains slowed to a standing halt and each ones automatic doors slid open. They paused for thirty-ish seconds and the announcement went on again, then it picked up speed to move around the corner and then shot out of the corner like a bolt of lightning. Within less than a couple of minutes we reached the far end of the terminal. The whole trip was less than 5-minutes in total length.

We disembarked at the front er what would now be the back of the train, and sprinted to the front as the doors closed in before we could reach slid through the door. Not worried about the time as much as having a thrilling time completing the train ride activity since we had plenty of time before pre-boarding and boarding would begin on Concourse B of the McNamara Terminal.

Standing around we noticed across the way several bicycles sitting along a railing. The down tube with the words “POLICE” in white letters on a black background. Smiling, I could imagine the Police riding their bikes back and forth through the terminal. I mean, this is Detroit after all, why wouldn’t you want a Police Presence in the terminal building?

Looking up, you could just make out the faint sounds of the train coming back into its resting place. We headed for where the front of the train would be and prepared ourselves for the second ride on this 5-minute pleasure ride.

Again, I was the only person in the first car. And again, I pulled out the smartphone switching it to video and shot another episode. This time the train stayed right through the whole exercise. The doors opened at the mid point, people got off and no one got on. Then it speed up like an EV and shot us down the straight track to the far end, where I had originally jumped on the train.

Looking down at the time on the Samsung Note9 phone, I decided to hang tight and have the train deliver me to the middle train station, as it would take less time than my walking back to the main centre hallway of Concourse A.

In the great hall of Concourse A, it would be shorter walk over to the four flights of stairs which would lead us back down through the musical Christmas singing walkway and over to the other side where the other four flights of stairs awaited us to return to Concourse B.

We were finally reaching the last twenty-minute waiting window for our final forty-five minute flight which would depart Detroit Rock City and land us at General Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee, HELLO WISCONSIN!!! at 12:12pm CST.

~ James Curtis