Do You Have an Affiliate Marketing Mentor?

Its probably been said one-million times before that you should get yourself an excellent mentor and follow their guidance on how-to become the object of your wildest desires.

The obvious first step is figuring out whom these “mentors” are going to be? What skills do they have to provide guidance? How are they going to impart their knowledge to you? As well as how to determine if the information being provided has been successful? And how do you engage your mentor?

In my case I spent copious amounts of time reading through other people’s blogs and websites, then watching YouTube videos to sort through the “riff raff” and find people whom I deemed successful in their niche.

A few of my current financial advising mentors have been Dave Ramsey, Andrew Hallam, David Bach, John Bogle, Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen. And some of my current counsellors into the world of Affiliate Marketing are Digital Nomad World, Justin from Root of Good, and Kathleen Peddicord from Live & Invest Overseas.

Back in the article “Outlining Your Plans to Become an Affiliate Marketer” at the end of the article James spoke about his current list of mentors. However he did not mention how he found each of his mentors or why he has been listening to them?

Today we decided to conduct a short Q&A with James to learn about one of his mentors and why he chose this person to guide him through the Affiliate Marketing journey.

  • Making Sense of Cents by Michelle Gardner
    • How did you find this mentor?
      • James: I was conducting research on a topic about a plug-in called Convertkit. While conducting this investigation I found an article she wrote. I was intrigued by her insights and decided to read some of her articles.
    • What makes Michelle a good mentor for you?
      • James: Her passion was about keeping a personal finance record and not about making it large at Affiliate Marketing. I found her story humbling and enjoyed the way she is determined to break online best practices for articles she writes.
    • Have you reached out to the mentor?
      • James: At this point I have not reached out to Michelle.
    • If you were to reach out to Michelle, what would be your # 1 question be and why?
      • James: For the most part I’d like to learn more about driving traffic to your site. What worked for her? And what did not?

Even though James has not reached out to Michelle there is always something you can learn from a mentor, their content, and how they engage their audience. From reading Making Sense of Cents James has learnt the value of having an email subscription on the website. The versatility this one means of communication holds and how it allows ultimate confidence on the information being shared with your subscribers.

Because of reading about an email subscription, James is currently conducting research on this valuable tool and how-to apply it to Distracted in Alberta. His main goal is to understand the email subscription and how it generates a list for future mailers or newsletters to our subscribers.

mentor” means a trusted counsellor or guide. As a “guide” the mentor’s role is to exhibit and explain points of interest or provide the other person with guiding information.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

From our experiences your mentor is there to guide you through the difficult parts of your journey. Providing you with guidance and how to get from Point A (where you are at today) to Point B (where you intend to be in the future). This concept is very similar to when you are hiking in the forest using a Sunnto Mirror Compass to be your guide from Point A to Point B. Your mentor is there to support you in your time of confusion and provide guidance, advise and encouragement when you feel yourself struggling with a concept.

  • Top Five Mentor Questions
    1. What do you know today, that you wish you had known when you started your site?
    2. What is the # 1 thing you can impart to a new Affiliate Marketer?
    3. Were there any regrets with the content you produced to become a successful Affiliate?
    4. Who were your mentors when you started out?
    5. Has your list of mentors changed over the years?

~ Aaron & James

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