The Truth About Moose Jaw’s Underground Tunnels

To begin the excitement today we booked two tours, The Chicago Connection about prohibition in the 1920’s and the famous Chicago gangster Al Capone. Then a break until we went underground again to learn about Bunker 24, the cold war and the fight against communism.

The first thing you need to understand about these tours are they are intended to be an interactive participate if you want to kind of experience!

The second thing is nothing you are viewing and interacting with is actually what it seems to be. But if you really want to know you’ll have to experience it on your own!

Clothing closets aren’t only closets. Exit doors don’t lead you to an exit and the footfalls above may or may not actually be “real feet” walking on the wooden floors above!

The Chicago Connection

Is the story based on the notorious gangster of Chicago known as Scarface aka Al Capone.

What you probably didn’t know about Mr. Capone was how he got the nickname scarface. Let’s just say some dame’s brother didn’t like how Mr. Capone was talking to his little sister and the rest of it is history!

Speaking of history and unbeknownst to this writer was how this sleepy town north of Regina by a couple of hours was connected to the notorious Chicago gangster!

As it turns out there was a train line that ran directly from Chicago thru Minneapolis and up into Canada, last stop for the Soo Line Train is Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan (SK).

Back in 1922 the town’s population was 19,285. Today, nearly double that calls this historic town home.

With Prohibition knocking around the streets Capone opened up a little side hustle here in Moose Jaw to distract himself from what was going on down south in Chicago!

The infamous copper Elliot Ness and his band of un-corrupt policemen were cracking down on gangsters, politicians and dirty cops, too!

Its around this time that Augustus “Gus” Sibovich announced my allegiance to the cause giving me the code name of Door Stopper. My job was to assist Gus with moving bodies thru the tunnels and across the multi-rooms in the underground caverns for the new bootlegging recruits.

Within the hour our trunks were filled with “giggle juice” labeled 100% Canadian Maple Syrup with a 750ml sticker and true cork stuck down inside the long neck bottle.

Every new bootlegger had to swear to the code of the underground or you’d never be heard from again!

The cardinal rule in place we said good-bye to Gus and returned to main street before those coppers could block our escape!

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb

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