Walking Down Moose Jaw’s Main Street

After double duty in the underground tours we parted ways with a bottle of Smoking Gun hot sauce made with ghost peppers, garlic, vinegar and spices. Also we picked up a postcard depicting the Dominion Lands Office in 1908 which today is where the Tunnels of Moose Jaw operates out of.

Dominion Lands Office

Between the two tours we popped into Evolve Coffee Roasters for a cookie, a soft in the centre ginger snap for myself and a gluten-free breakfast cookie for the wife. She sipped on a dirty chai, as I enjoyed a lavender tea latte. We sat on the bar stools in the front window admiring the heritage buildings along main street and of course people watching all whilst playing a card game called Kings and Little Ones.

After our adventures in Bunker 24 with Sargent Ballco we stepped two and a half blocks up on the west side of the street to pop into a shop called Essential Elements & Metaphysical.

As soon as you enter the shop the scent of incense grabs your attention placing a calming feeling to your being along with the soft sounds of ancient monks humming in the background.

Spheres, polished stones, gemstones, raw stones and art work greet you on the openess of the room.

As you near the centre of the shop looking and touching a variety of geology the proprietor said to no one in particular but to heed his warning, “He’s a big cuddly moose but we don’t want to scare you or for yoy to be alarmed by his napping in the middle of the room.” My wife looked around and asked, “what’s his name?” “Bo,” replied the man as the large akita dog spread out on the floor shifted his head and rolled his eyes at the introduction to yet another set of humans in the shop.

We perused the store finding amazing pieces to add to our collection. Immediately I was attracted to a 2-inch tall hand carved skull made of Howlite.

Howlite in geology is a calcium borosilicate hydroxide, is a borate mineral found in evaporite deposits. Its physical appearance is a white marble-like appearance with threaded gray, black or brown veins running through it. In the metaphysical realm its known for aiding in insomnia, calming an overly active mind, assisting in formulating ambitions and aiding in the achievement of them as well as strengthening memory and stimulating the desire for knowledge. It is a semi-precious stone being mined only in parts of the U.S. and in Canada, where it was first discovered in 1868 in Nova Scotia.

The more intrigued we became with the smaller skull collection Shauna asked about a skull in the main display case that was the size of an actual human head. “Wow! That’s a very large rose quartz skull you have there,” she says pointing at the main case. “Would you like to see the largest skull in Saskatchewan,” he replied. She nodded her head yes.

Walking past myself he pushed open a door in the back of the room to reveal a special selection of gemstones and carved pieces. Two of the largest skulls, we’d had ever seen stood on a shelf. “Whats the weight on one of those?” I asked inching my way into this SPECTACULAR hidden treasure trove. “Sixty-eight pounds of quartz,” he replied. Then he spun me around to show the dual face carving and his collection of split jaw skulls. We idly chatted about different pieces and the gemstones. Flabbergasted by kindness and his willingness to share the inner chamber of his collection. We felt privileged to discuss further but our time was running out as we had an appointment at the spa!

Okay, we need to drop things in the room and find our way to the spa,” I said as we took the stairs two at a time to reach the second floor housing our 525 sq.ft. room with double chairs, a dining table for two, a desk, an indoor mineral spa jetted tub for two, and a California king size bed.

Down the labyrinth of corridors we went reaching the fourth floor then realizing we we were on the opposite side of the indoor pool from the spa and had to ask a cleaner for directions.

Checking into the spa, we were given water bottles to drink, forms to fill out and the soothing sounds of meditation music filled the air to provide a place to unwind and relax prior to the start of our treatments.

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb

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