Sun Tree Spa, Round 1: The Pedicure

Hello I’m Andrea and she’s Emma, we will be taking care of you this afternoon,” she said followed by, “Shauna you’ll be with me and Aaron with Emma.” They both smiled then picked up our clipboards and forms to read our health history prior to the treatments beginning.

Whilst walking down the hallway Emma asked if this was my first manicure and I replied, “No, I’m experienced at this.” Both esthiticians laughed and she asked if I wanted nail polish to which I smiled and said, “when in Rome,” again laughter filled the room.

After picking out our nail polish we all headed down the hallway to the treatment area. First up this afternoon was the manicure followed by a short break then a facial massage (first timers for the facial).

First things first they warmed the blankets and heated our massage chairs. Next they brought over large foot bath bowls with hottish water and bath salts to soak your feet.

Feet out of the tube they brought in our red wine in a 200ml bottle from Peller Estates Winery. We were given the option to drink out of a plastic cup and chose instead to sip from the glass bottle.

Three sips later I was hooped but Emma had just begun the foot treatment pecking, cutting, and pruning my right foot then wrapping it in warm towels and moving to the left foot. After each round of therapy the heated towels were draped back over the foot to keep it warm and soft.

After minutes of treatment she pulled out the skin scraper and went to town on the dry skin beneath the foot and on the heel. This was followed by lotion to soothe the nurtured foot.

Next up was an exfoliation of toes, feet, and calves. The salted rub was pressed and rubbed into the body parts leaving them silky smooth and happy. Comence with washing and more lotion.

This was followed up by buffing, polishing and painting of the toe nails. Then they slipped on the thinnest pair of flip-flops to assist with the drying process.

We’re done for now,” Emma informed me followed by, “we’ll need to get the next rooms setup so you’ll have about a fifteen minute break.”

Upon departing the room a few other esthiticians were in the hallway. One says to her colleague “did he get colour?” looking down she giggled and said, “its electric green!”

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb

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