Sun Tree Spa, Round 2: The Facial

Are you ready Aaron?” Emma asked as I re-entered the spa waiting room. “Sort of,” I replied in a sarcastic I don’t know what’s coming next tone. She picked up on my hesitation then says, “there’s nothing to worry about. Do you know your skin type?” I shake my head no. No worries, I will take a look and inform you on your skin type, what oils and lotions are best for your skin type and let you know anything else you can do for your skin on a daily basis.”

Upon entering the room, I was asked to pull off my shirt and climb under the warming blankets.

First she turned on an extremely bright ring light and looked over my skin type. “You’ve what we call combination skin. Your pores near the hairline are very small and those towards the middle or centre are larger. Are you okay with my removing any black heads?” When in Rome flashed across my mind, “sure.”

Massage oil on her hands she began rubbing down the left arm then tucked it under the warm blanket. Next she pulled out the right limb to repeat the strokes and infuse the oil into the skin tucking it too aside. She rolls over the blanket across the chest and massages around each clavicle, around the the tops and sides of each shoulder.

Next her fingers glide up each sinus canal on the right and left side of the neck. Fingers piercing the stress out of this overworked muscle group.

Her fingers pick and pull across the top of the spine and base of the skull carrying out the soreness and tiredness whilst removing and relaxing the tension in the muscles and tendons.

A bit more massage oil onto her fingers and she glides her them starting at the base of the skull (occipital) up the back (parietal), and across each side (temporal) pulling out an unknown stressor along the cranium. She repeats this step three times before moving onward to the ears, cheeks, and chin.

After the lower face is complete her fingers acquire more oil and press deeply into the upper jawbone around the nose and up along the frontal lob, eye brows and along the hairline.

Her hands reach out and pump a new substance onto her fingers. Emma informs we are moving out of the massage and into the cleanse and exfoliation.

The substance is refreshing with its small particles and light scent of lemon. This time instead of pulling fingers across the skin the rub circles around and over each facial feature.

This is followed by a warm towel wipe down to clear the exfoliating salts. Then she pumps a small amount of water based PH-balancer on her fingers and pushes it around and around each sub-area of the facial structure.

Next sadistic Emma arrives by wrapping a soothing towel around the face. After five minutes she pulls open a space around the nose and begins the devil’s work of removing black heads.

Her sharp finger nails prod into the skin squishing and squeezing the skin releasing the dead skin cells from inside the pores. Then wiping it onto a nearby cloth. Five of these later my nose looks like Rudolph the red nose reindeer.

Following the extraction she pulls off the warm towel wrapped around the rest of the face and begins the final phase of this guys’ first facial.

Another bottle of something she pumps into her hands and begins rubbing it across the face polishing the warmed pores and soothing the skin. Twelve minutes later she’s pulled the last warm towel out of the endless supply of warm towels and treats my face to a “shoe shine.”

I’ll step out for a minute whilst you to get redressed then I’ll take you up to the shop to show you the product we used on your skin. There’s no obligation to buy anything,” says Emma as I acknowledged what she said.

It took ALL my power to get up off that massage bed because I was suuuuuper relaxed by the end of this forty-five minute session.

Exiting the room my eyes were barely open, my hair was a mess and I looked like I had just awoken from an afternoon nap. That’s when we bumped into my wife in the hallway. “You sure look relaxed!,” she said. Followed by, “how was it?” I smiled at all the women around and said one word, “magical.”

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb

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