SURPRISE it’s YOUR Birthday!

Every one of us until the end of time will have an annual day where we get to “celebrate” the day we were born. There are literally hundreds of thousands of ways to spend your time on this special day.

Some people choose to take the day off work, others wait to have quality time around friends or family, or both and many like myself have a lassiez faire belief or are in the “whatever happens, happens” category.

Is there a “SURPRISE” birthday bash that stands out in your memories or one that you are looking forward to ahead of you? Recently a friend told me he was really excited to turn 55-years old this year because he could start receiving discounts at a few restaurants and local shops. Per my friend when you turn 55-years old in Alberta, you can go to Denny’s to receive a 10% off your bill anytime of the day, or you can go to Humpty’s and receive your “Emerald Card” which also gives you a 10% discount until you turn 65 then it bumps up to a 15% off card. If your looking for discounts at the local pharmacy then seek out Shopper’s Drug Mart on the first Tuesday of the month for a 15% off discount after you are 55-years old. He rattled off a few other shops that I had never heard of and laughed. “Hey, you have to look forward to the road ahead, and if that means discounts for showing your driver’s license. Then I am all over this,” he chuckled.

It just happens our birthdays our intertwined with three major Independence Days

  • July 1 – Canada Independence Day known as “Canada Day”
  • July 4 – US Independence Day
  • July 14 – Bastille Day, France’s Independence Day

Do you feel lucky?

When is your birthday and what is one of the most memorable SURPRISES you had around your birthday?

Typically we like to pack up the Tacoma to travel out West into the mountains away from the fireworks, traffic jams, loud music and have a peaceful camping weekend experience. Climbing mountains, hiking through rivers, playing with our dogs and star gazing under the infinite starscape!

What about monumental milestone birthdays in Canada?

  • YOUTH 
    • Turn 14 to get your learner’s driver’s license for farm work
    • Turn 16 to get your first driver’s license with restrictions of no driving at night
    • Turn 18 to earn a graduated driver’s license with some limitations such as you can drive through dusk but not at night
      • Also when you turn 18 you earn the rights to go to bars, nightclubs and strip clubs!
      • And you are legally able to vote and buy legal Marijuana!
    • Turn 21 and you can travel to America to do what you have already been doing for the last 3-years in your own country… go to the bars, nightclubs, strip clubs and gamble in Las Vegas!
    • Turn 25
    • Turn 30
    • Hitting 40
    • FIFTY
    • 55-years old
      • Humpty’s 10% off
      • Denny’s 10% off
      • Shopper’s Drug Mart 15% off
    • 63-years old
    • 70-years old
    • 80-years old
    • 90-years old
    • 100 years old
    • 101 to 121 years old