An Afternoon at Sun Tree Spa; Was it Worth the Price?

You have all seen the commercials of people sitting by a zero gravity swimming pool lying just a few steps from a gorgeous beach with palm trees in the foreground. Then the camera pans over to a beautiful couple getting a massage beneath a gazebo their minds a million miles away from reality.

Of course we couldn’t afford the million dollar views but we do enjoy the natural hot springs around Western Canada. And as it happens there is this small town in the middle of nowhere’s-ville Saskatchewan with a geothermal pool and spa! How could you pass that up? That sounds like Rest and Relaxation to the fullest extent!

When we did our research on the Sun Tree Spa a few weeks back they had a swinging deal called the “Rejuvenation Package” which included 3-treatments; 60-minute pedicure, 60-minute facial and 60-minute Swedish massage. This nice little spa bundle of entertainment and relaxation was listed on the website at $319.00 plus taxes per person and included a complimentary glass of wine.

The following day, we called the Sun Tree Spa, to arrange dates for our Rejuvenation Package!

When it was all said and done we paid the following for each of our Spa treatments;

  • Rejuvenation Package
    • Traditional Swedish Massage
    • Facial
    • Spa Pedicure
    • Complimentary wine
      • Sub Total
      • Taxes
      • Total Paid
      • Grand Total Paid
        • Increase from original price
  • $319.00 per person
    • $113.00 each
    • $125.00 each
    • $88.00 each
    • $12.00 each (“free”)
      • $326.00
      • $33.80
      • $344.10 each
      • $688.20 total
        • $50.20 total

At first glance it seemed like the “free complimentary wine” had become part of the Rejuvenation Package?

Back in our room a bit later we were filling up the mineral jacuzzi tub in our palatial suite and I was rereading over the Sun Tree Spa website when I spotted two culprits which probably had something to do with why our Rejuvenation Package price per person went UP!

Here’s the thing… If the price on the website was accurate at the time of booking the spa rejuvenation package then I would literally have no issues with paying for the services incurred. BUT if the price goes up even like $5.00 per person I find this to be faulty advertising!

Here, wait. Hear me out.

Let’s say you decide to book a nice hotel room online for a nice trip you are planning to have coming up. And the location you are traveling to is around 7-hours from your home. You make the reservation for a couple of nights and you choose the BIG SUITE with all the amenities. It has the double person soaker tub, a king size bed, a huge room with a view, a couple reading chairs, a desk, a few lamps and a giant screen TV. This gem will set you back $325.00 per night.

Then you go to said hotel only 7-hours from home and when you are checking out you are handed a receipt with a nice new price of $425.00 per night! Yikes! Would you be okay with this price increase then?

What if the scenario was BIGGER than a spa service or night in a hotel. What if this happened when you were buying a car or a home. How would you feel about the fine print then?

“Oh sorry, Mr JacksonCrabb, your Toyota Tacoma was listed at $35,359.00 plus interest and taxes but now that you have your wallet out and are ready to pay its going to be $43,785.29 plus interest and taxes. We do appreciate your business please come again soon!”

This would be some strange reality we would be living in…

Thus why is it okay for the Sun Tree Spa to hike up their price? I don’t really know. But I do know that if we booked in November 2021 and arrived in April 2022. Sure, I might be more understanding in the change in price. However we are talking within a few weeks, like less than 3 between our reservations being made the services being received.

The Rejuvenation Package, is it Worth the Price Paid?

Yesterday, I scrambled a bit to look up a few of our past favourite spa’s to see if they had a similar three-treatment packages and complete a post spa-service analysis.

What I found is the overall price per person at $319.00 plus taxes for 3-hours of treatment is actually fairly reasonable. Most Spa packages will set you back somewhere between $280 to $350 per person, depending on length of services being purchased.

None of the other Spa’s mentioned above carried the unusual price increases for Saturday, Sunday or Holidays. And none of their fine print read “subject to change without notice“.

Without too much speculation, Sun Tree Spa is choosing to rear its ugly head and be a bit unreasonable to its guests by having these types of classes on their website and literature.

Would You Recommend Temple Garden Hotel & Spa?

To be 100% honest. We had a great time in Moose Jaw.

The Temple Garden Hotel is a bit outdated and quaint. The staff are extremely friendly and all were a pleasure to deal with. However, if I were to go back to Moose Jaw, I would look for alternate accommodations and swing by for a dip in the geothermal pool.

The Sun Tree Spa, has kind friendly staff which if the prices were not subject to change on a moments notice then it would be easy to recommend booking a service here. However as you might not pay what you budgeted for, I would recommend going elsewhere for your massage, facial and-or pedicure.

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb

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