Lessons Learnt After Sixty-Six Days of Affiliate Marketing

Hey You… Yeah you know who we are talking to.

Its been a real slice over the past sixty-six days as James and I, have been building our Affiliate Marketing strategies, applying for AM programs, discussing a variety of options, understanding the dash boards that come along with approvals and following up with companies whom have not responded to our initial applications.

The good, is we have had some favourable responses to our applications and are currently learning how-to generate the necessary codes for each companies program via their respective dashboards, as well as create your profiles and digger further into our education. Also as you probably guessed it, Amazon Associates has been the easiest program to get started into, and we are certain you’ve seen a few of those links in the past couple of months.

The key to working with Amazon and becoming a full-time associate is getting notching those first couple of sales. After those conversions have been made you are golden, so to speak. Of course you have a whopping 180-days from the day it is accepted to get those first couple of sales pushed through and if you happen to be unlucky, like we were the first time around. Then Amazon boots you to the curb.

Convert Links into Sales

You need to drive traffic to your website, through creating content which will JUMP and STANDOUT in the search engines. This is where you need to understand SEO (search engine optimization) and use of key words. As well as understand what an organic search is and how-to attract those searches and people to your site, links, or banners.

Of course if you are starting out with deep pockets then you can simply start an advertisement campaign on the web, or via Meta (formerly Facebook), or generate strategic advertisements, or try out the old & true; “word of mouth”.

You’re Approved!

The top four-companies who have agreed to work with these newbies are;

Of course we have our pokers in the fire and are trying to get onboard with a variety of other partners to assist with growing our Affiliate Marketing brand. And like any brand, you need to determine your specific niche and growth patterns.

Strategize to build your brand

We’ve compiled a variety of other Affiliate programs whom we are conducting research on as we type this article.

  • Chapter’s Indigo
  • Marble Pay
  • Max Bounty
  • Rakuten
  • Sunlife Financial

While we await these 5-potential partners to get back to us about our applications we also have a handful of applications in other various stages and as you may have read in our previous article “Affiliate Marketing; Round Two, a man with a plan! we’ve been putting this idealism through the paces.

Top 5 Lessons Learnt

  1. Trust what your initial plans and always leave room for improvements
  2. Contact your mentors early on, and trust the wisdom they impart to you
  3. Learn each dashboard and platform to which you have been approved to use
  4. Understand the implications of working with certain affiliate partners
  5. Always, continue to work on educating yourself about Affiliate Marketing strategies

~ Aaron & James

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