Kentwood Park Disc Golf Course, Round 1 of The Vic Park Classic Tournament

Firing up the Tacoma, I checked the map to learn the route to Kentwood Park. As normal with me, I tend to find an alternate route other than those shared by Google or Bing.

The “usual route” which is roughly seventeen minutes between the two parks is to take Allan Street up around the horseshoe to 32nd Street chuck a left then head west seven blocks. Turn north onto Taylor Drive and travel seven kilometers to 77th street. Turn right go a couple blocks and make a final left onto Kennedy drive. Kentwood Park Disc Golf is a few minutes up the road.

But today, because we were to have a shotgun start at 9:30am, I defaulted and stuck to the planned route.

Upon arrival, I checked the tournament directory and Udisc, to locate hole #4. According to the PDGA scorecard app, I would be playing with Bryce Robinson, Brendan Robinson and Curtis Cooper.

While stretching at the hole three younger than I, guys walked up. The one in a black band t-shirt, black shorts and a black baseball cap introduced himself as Curtis, then pointed across the grass at a guy wearing a Calgary Flames jersey, and pulling a Zuca disc golf cart with a red insert saying that is Brendan and the other guy running towards us with his blue Axiom backpack was Bryce.

We checked the scorecard and the order to start was Aaron, Brendan, Bryce and Curtis.

Within our first hole, I had learnt these three guys were friends from Calgary and the brothers had been playing for a couple years now and this was Curtis’ first year playing competitively.

As we walked onward it was evident that Brendan and Bryce were not only brothers but twins, and from the first hole onward they were fairly competitive about each of their throws and how successful or unsuccessful each stroke was.

Waiting to play Hole 6

After three holes the scores were pretty similar with Brendan leading the foursome with -2, then Curtis -1 and both Bryce and myself at +1. Wandering around the corner to hole 6, we were delayed as two other groups in front of us were playing two very short holes.

Whilst waiting for them, I learnt that the guys had come up the day before to play a practice round on each course and familiarize themselves with the layout.

I thought about doing the same thing but opted out of the drive the night before because I figured the drive down in the morning would wake me up MORE and this would improve my morning round of eighteen.

Last year when when I competed in a charity tournament at Jubilee Disc Golf Course in Spruce Grove, I also slept at home but the drive to Spruce Grove is only 25 minutes away. And the morning round was abysmal with a +15 over par. I contributed this score to not being awake enough and not being a morning person. Then in the after lunch, and being MORE awake, I came back to shoot a +3 which earned me the prize of; Most Improved Player!

Ironically the longer drive strategy with a medium roast coffee worked out well because by the end of the first 18 holes our scorecard read;

  • Bryce -3
  • Curtis -1
  • Brendan 0
  • Aaron +3

After comparing scorecards between the Udisc app that Bryce was entering strokes into, and the “official scorecard” that I was entering into the PDGA scorecard app, we determined there were a few differences between scorecards and corrections were required.

Hole by hole we compared each player’s score and came to an agreement on the errors. Then I submitted these agreed upon scores through the PDGA scorecard app. Our respective scores for the morning round of 18 at the Kentwood Disc Golf Course.

  • Round 1
    • Brendan 66
    • Bryce 67
    • Curtis 67
    • Aaron 70

Par for the Kentwood course is a cool 66 strokes. Brendan sat in a 3-way tie with his score of 66, whilst both Curtis, Bryce and one other player were tied for 7th place with their +1 over par and I sat down in 11th place. Overall I was extremely happy with my chances of a good afternoon and finishing my first PDGA amateur tournament under +10 above par!

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb

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