The Final Three Holes of the Back Nine at The Vic Park Classic Tournament

In case you were wondering how this four part series ended at The Vic Park Classic Tournament in Red Deer, Alberta Canada well lets just say it was a pleasant time trying to adjust for the headwinds, the spiralling winds and those shots where you wondered did I really just throw that?

For simplicity sake, we’ll jump directly into a hole by hole recap of the final nine as I believe it will best describe the ups and downs of this particular course.

Hole # 1, is a straight shot out 164 feet to the hole. From the tee pad you can see the top third of the basket as it dips down into a small gulley. All four of us landed within 10-feet of the hole. Curtis and myself scored birdie’s whilst the twins both white knuckled a par.

Hole #2, standing on the tee pad you cannot see the basket down the hill and just beyond a soccer goal because there is a massive and bulky 65-foot blue spruce pine tree standing tall and obstructing what would have been a clear view to the basket.

There were two options for this hole. Chuck it to the right out over the end of the soccer field and hope that your turn and fade hold you back into the fairway. Or through your anhyzer off to the left side of the tree and hope it doesn’t land in any of the backyards.

All I could recall whilst standing on the tee-pad trying to determine the best approach on this drive was the Tournament Directors words of wisdom. Rob informed before the coffee had kicked in, “whatever you do today, please please please do not throw a disc towards a house. There are some real A-holes around here who would like nothing more than to complain to the city and have this beautiful disc golf course yanked out of this park”.

Therefore all four of us opted to throw our driver discs to the right of the tree and out over the soccer field in the hopes our anhyzer turned the disc into the fairway. Two for two we landed in the soccer field or left of the fairway.

Both Curtis and Bryce pulled off fantastic second shots laying up near the bottom of the basket. Both Brandon and myself were a bit eager on our second shots flying past the basket and leaving ourselves a long put for par.

Three pars and a bogey later, we departed hole #3 (#17 for the round) and headed for the finale!

Hole #3, first up was Curtis who heaved his disc with a beautiful backhand toss landing it around 250 feet from us and directly behind a large poplar tree. For some reason Brandon followed suit but was about 10 feet closer to the basket. Bryce went wide landing his shot off to the left of the basket. And miraculously the gods were in my favour landing my shot a mere 15-feet from the basket with a decent line for an attempt at birdie.

Curtis again threw first but struck a tree and rolled farther out. Brandon tried playing his through the tree branches and landed on the far side underneath a pine tree. Bryce careened his putter off the upper lip of the basket then swore under his breathe. And I thought to myself, “what would David do?” lay it up, came the response.

Putters in hand, we landed four pars without any penalties. Then came the “real fun” comparing the two scorecards against each other to ensure all the scores lined up. After all this was the complaint that Brandon had at the start of the second round, to ensure fairness.

Misery soon followed, as we learnt that Brandon did not start scoring from hole #4, but rather started scoring from hole #1. This of course meant all of the strokes for the entire round would be incorrect.

After a few minutes of conversation between Curtis and Brandon, whom were trying to work out the reason their scorecards were not lining up, I leaned over and suggested they compare the final numbers for the round, and if they were the same then just post the scores.

“Does that work for you?” I asked the group with three pairs of eyes stunned by this suggestion to just get it over with. Finally a response came out o f Bryce who said, “Yeah, I agree with Aaron. Compare the final scores and if they match then lets get this over with.” said Bryce, followed by Curtis nodding his agreement too. After what seemed like twenty-two minutes, Brandon finally conceded and agreed to have our final scores uploaded into the PDGA scorecard website.

Although we all started the day strong at the Kentwood Disc Golf Course swarming around Par for the course at 66, the Victoria Park Disc Golf Course chewed us all up and spat us all out with only the #1 player in our division collecting an overall score under par.

The Vic Park Classic Tournament, Red Deer Alberta Canada

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb

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