A Nine Hole Review of the Season Opener at Wildman Disc Golf Course

If it ain’t Wildman then you are not challenging yourself enough and must go deeper into the woods.

Literally this is the hardest disc golf course I have set my two feet onto in the past thirty-six months. The terrain at this course is deceptive as the first hole you see is number one and its up a rather short steep hill with a basket off to the left side. With another basket sitting out in an open field. But you wonder quietly to yourself, where are the rest of the baskets?

That is until you begin to playing the course.

The last tournament I had attended in Red Deer, the Vic Park Classic really did not prepare me for what I was about to endure over three days of tourney disc golf at the Wildman Disc Golf Season Opener.

After attending The Vic Park Classic tournament in Red Deer, the PDGA rated my two rounds of play giving me a rating of 779 out of 1000.

On Friday May 20, I met up with a buddy of mine Keith to run a practice round and learn some of the lines from our respective tee boxes. The actual tourney began on Saturday May 21, playing two rounds of 18 at 9:00am and 2:00pm. On Sunday May 22 the final round of 18 was played starting at 9:00am. At Wildman par for 18 holes is a score of 63.

The Rounds of Wildman

  • Round / Score / Rating
    • Round 1 / 74 / Rating 704
    • Round 2 / 65 / Rating 829
    • Round 3 / 70 / Rating 747

The PDGA tallies the three new rounds with the two previous ones and my overall PDGA rating dropped 7-points down from 779 to a new overall rating of 772.

Even though I did not place in the top 5 in my division, I came away feeling really good as I was able to interact all weekend with everyone from the Pro division down to Novice. At the end of the weekend I came away with tips on how to throw a variety of new throws, learnt by watching the MPO division who always seemed to be the group in front of us, and picked up critical tips through my observations on how-to play a better round. Plus I kept hearing the secret to building a stronger game is practice, practice, and more practice.

Over the next couple of weeks the plan is to get some necessary time off the course and in the park practicing each throw until I am more comfortable with each throw. Then I will put these new learnt skills to the test in the two upcoming tournaments;

  1. Saturday June 4 at the Youth Unlimited Charity Disc Golf in Spruce Grove, AB Canada
  2. Sunday June 12 at the Bear Mountain Challenge in Bailey, CO USA

Wildman Red Tees – a hole by hole review

  • Hole # 1 Par 3, is a rousing 101 meters (330-feet) from the tee box to the basket. However the one hundred and one meters are all up a twenty-five percent grade up-hill. Yes, that’s correct. You are throwing up the hill and a bit to the left. As the basket sits on the edge of the pine trees.
  • Hole # 2 Par 3, is a tricky 88 meters (288-feet) from the tee box. Tricky because it is a tight fit down the middle of the fairway about twelve-feet wide. The fairway is lined with poplar trees left and right. Plus a couple of tall pines just before the green skinny-ing the field of play to about 8-feet across.
  • Hole # 3 Par 4, is only a mere 107 meters (351-feet) away. However there is a 50 meter (164-feet) straight away with a quick dog leg to the left followed by another 40 feet of fairway where you reach the bottom of a small ravine. Climbing the last 7 meters (23-feet) up a thirty-percent grade. Be sure to watch out for the bushes and brambles sitting along the outer edges.
  • Hole # 4 Par 4, you should be thankful you aren’t pitching it from the blue tee box! Its a treacherous event to strike it out over the marsh pond. Thankfully the red/white tee box is where the drop zone is for the blue (Pros) tee box. This little beast is a mix of plinko and no straight lines to the basket which is only 122 meters (400-feet) away. Just be sure you chuck your driver disc far enough out and up the hill to land yourself with a birdie try or at least par out on this hole. And watch your putts because if you miss and it rolls, it may just end up where you started!
  • Hole # 5 Par 4, Are you feeling good or bad after hole #4?
    • Walking past the hole #4 basket leads you out of the woods and into a pleasant meadow. Looking at the Udisc app, you realize you have 156 meters (511-feet) dog leg to the right. It travels down a short incline then up a thirty-percent grade to the top of a ridge-line. Follow this line down the hill about 36.5 meters (120-feet) between two sets of shrub bushes to find the basket. If you are one of the lucky ones you have stayed out of the trees between holes 4 and 5.
  • Hole # 6 Par 3, back into the woods you go! Hole 6 is also known as “Aces for All” because the tee box to the basket is only 49 meters (160-feet) away. Two of four rounds I missed the basket by only a few inches! Perhaps your luck will be better? The hole goes down a short grade and up another. Its lined with a few trees nearly down the pipe but there are plenty of lines to reach this mystically “easy basket”. We wish you all the best of luck smashing an Ace!
  • Hole # 7 Par 4, Down and around to the right you will find a short walk up the next hill to the plateau where the red tee box awaits your group. Here you will learn this challenging hole is 130-meters (426-feet) with a sharp down hill area to lay up into. Watch out that you don’t overthrow to the left of the lay up or go too far as you’ll land yourself in the out-of-bounds. If OB is not enough for you to lay-up then the set of blocking poplar trees running across the bend in the dog leg to the right, might? Once passed the blockers the fairway narrows to a skinny three-meters (10-feet) across. On your right the treachery called shrubbery and rose bushes and on your left another poplar tree plinko. Stay in the middle and you might win a ticket up to the basket for the ever elusive Par.
  • Hole # 8 Par 3, also known as “Plinko” by the community. This plinko hole is truly a mind blower even though its only 52 meters (170-feet). If you can find a line and miss the 101-poplar trees standing between your tee box and the basket then you have a shot at the ever popular score of 2 also known as a birdie. However, if you miss your drive and nick a tree its plinko all the way up. The highest score recorded over the weekend was a 12.
  • Hole # 9 Par 3, Are you excited yet? You are standing on the final tee box of the front nine! Here you will find a 47-meter (154 foot) down a hill grade of about forty-two percent with a sharp turn left. Bear in mind going too far left lands you in a pile of logs and sticks which still need to be removed from the course. And if you try your luck and the possible right hand lines you are playing with the ever popular plinko possibilities. If you can get a quick forehand to bend right and stick to the hill it might just roll down for your next attempt at birdie.

Wildman Disc Golf Course is a thrill every minute you walk this course. Be ready to get yourself some exercise and be prepared by bringing bug spray, sunscreen, electrolytes, water and a snack. You will need your energy to keep pace with this terrain. Its a mental, physical and challenging disc golf course! One I happily look forward to playing again in the near future!

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb

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