If You Could Afford a Rivian R1T Would You Buy It?

Do you think you can actually “afford” a Rivian R1T (MSRP ~$90,000.00 CAD) and if you believe you can, would you actually purchase one? Its a feature packed truck or SUV with hidden compartments, an RV 240V plug-in that adapts for overnight power charging at campgrounds

Its a pretty sweet looking truck, here’s a side by side of the Rivian R1T and my personal favourite the Toyota Tacoma. Similar yet totally different in a lot of ways. The Rivian is slightly larger than the midsize Tacoma but slightly smaller than the Toyota Tundra. Its kind of in its own segment classification as far as overall size goes.

2022 Rivian R1T
2022 Toyota Tacoma Off Road

The Toyota Tacoma with the 5-foot box dimensions are 5,393mm L x 1,910 mm W x 1,824 mm H or for your non-metric folks 17.69 ft L x 6.27 ft W x 5.98 ft H. Compare that to the Rivian R1T with its 4.5-foot box its dimensions are 5,514 mm L x 2,212 mm W x 1,857 mm or 18.09 ft L x 7.26 ft W x 6.09 ft H.

And if your like Aaron, he bought the ultra large land yacht by Toyota, the Tacoma Double Cab Long Box with dimensions of 5,726 mm L x 1,910 mm W x 1,824 mm H or non-metric of 18.79 ft L x 6.27 ft W x 5.98 ft H.

Or if you are unlike Aaron or myself and went with the larger Tundra than you are in the heavy weight class also known around here as a full size truck. Like the Tacoma it comes in a couple of different arrangements and overall sizes. We’ve stuck with the shortest and longest version of this truck. The shorter dimensions are 5,932 mm L x 2,031 mm W x 1,926 mm H or 19.46 ft L x 6.66 ft W x 6.32 ft H.

Which means these are the BIGGER Tundra dimensions with the double cab long box coming in at 6,415 mm L x 2,032 mm W x 1,984 mm H or 21.05 ft L x 6.67 ft W x 6.51 ft H.

What do all those dimensions mean?

Even though the Rivian actually has the shortest pickup bed box at 4.5-feet its overall length is longer by nearly 5-inches over the Tacoma with its shorter 5-foot box. And the Rivian is 9.48 inches shorter than the Tacoma with its longer 6-foot box. However both the Rivian and the Tacoma are shorter than the Tundra. Rivian is 16.44 inches shorter than Tundra’s length. Where as the Tacoma is 21.24 inches shorter than its bigger brother.

The following summarizes the overall differences in dimensions between Rivian 4.5-foot box, Tundra 5-foot box and Tacoma 5-foot box. As we can see the Tundra is larger in length and height but is smaller in width. The Tacoma reigns in this comparison as the king of the smaller truck. Of course if you compare it to other midsize trucks this may or may not be true but we’ll save that for a future discussion.

Does the Rivian have clean lines, you bet it does! Does it have exotic oval head lights which are probably an arm and a leg to replace when the crack, yup! And of course the one thing a lot of guys and gals love to do with their vehicles is add aftermarket stuff to their vehicles! You know personalize them.

Whilst writing up this little diddy, I stopped into the Rivian Visualization centre to take peak around and see if I could find out a few more items about this ever growing popularity contest. You know what I did find, that if you change the base colour from the standard silver paint job to lets say forest green, your cost of ownership goes up $2,300.00 to $3,250.00.

Of course they have fun colour names too like forest green, sunburst yellow and fun blue but its paint. Next you get to choose your tire and wheel sets. Up goes your price another $3,300.00 or $4,800.00 depending on what you like?

With the exterior colour, tires and wheels chosen for your Rivian R1T Explore truck, the base price of your truck now sits between $86,250.00 to $122,550.00 CAD with your next choice being interior design. The explore package comes with either basic vegan black leather interior at no cost to you or the up-charge to a white interior for another $2,000.00 following your interior choice you get to decide on the plethora of exterior options like undercarriage package, pullouts, sliders, roof top tent, crossbars and more.

  • Explore Package – starting price in Canada $86,250.00 can be maxed out at $155,850.00
  • Adventure Package – starting price in Canada $93,250.00 can max out at $158,235.00

Now that we have you by your tidbits paying roughly $1,318.65 CAD per month for the financing of your new Rivian R1T lets get down to the nitty gritty called maintenance. Oh I’m sorry did you just cry out a little bit. Yeah, most people do when they remember that the “m” word is just around the corner.

Sure your new spiffy R1T has no petrol or oil and will save you a bundle when you charge it up using your electricity at home or at the nearby shopping mall to “gas up” your nifty new electric truck. BUT shut the front door. Maintenance is coming up around the corner.

I know that my current maintenance on the Tacoma is between $0 and $550 every 6-months when I take the Off Road down to the local shop here in Edmonton. But… there isn’t that I have seen anywhere near here a Rivian dealership let alone a service station around the entire province. Which means… where do you get your monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually maintenance? Or are these trucks that awesome that you no longer require service. hahahaha!!! I doubt that to be true.

Maintenance does happen, right?

I know that Tesla … prior to this year, would drive a car up from Vancouver and trade you a “loaner car” whilst they took yours back to their shop in Van to have it serviced. I mean that’s a pretty awesome but you did pay 6-figures for that Tesla in your driveway. Good thing you have a charger at home because there’s only like 12-super chargers in the entire province. And 90% of those are in Calgary. I’m sure they are building more around the other major outlets but what about High River?

Okay Rivian is literally copying what Tesla did at the beginning. Albeit they do have a handful of Service Centers currently across the US. With the closest few to where I reside being Salt Lake City, Utah (1,675 kms) or Bellevue, Washington (1,271 kms). Of course their site says they have mobile service mechanics who will show up at your workplace or your home, to complete service. And because its really just one big computer, they can perform over-the-air updates to your vehicle through that large display screen imbedded in your dashboard.

We are amazed at some of the really nifty tech features about the Rivian like the ability to charge your vehicle at the local RV camping parks with a 240-volt plug-in for overnight charging in remote areas. I mean that’s a pretty neat piece of tech.

Are You Ready for an R1T?

If you are still on the unsure side of purchasing the Rivian R1T then I suggest you finding a copy of the TV series a Long Way Up, where Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman drive two EV Harley Davidson prototype bikes alongside their support crew whom are driving Rivian R1T prototype trucks. Literally every kilometre they went was a test of endurance, exploration and will power. The physical prototypes were being pushed to their limits and then some as they made their way from Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina to Los Angeles, California USA in 100 days.

For this blogger there is only one conclusion for my selling the Tacoma TRD Off Road and standing in line with my fist full of fifties to buy a Rivian R1T and that is when the startup can reduce their overall cost of ownership to be as competitive as possible with the price tag of a new 2022 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Off Road starting at $45,440.00 CAD.

~ James Curtis

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