Three Hours Down on a Twelve Hour Road Trip

Starting in Edmonton, Alberta at 7:09am and arriving in Castlegar, British Columbia 12 hours, eight minutes and 1 time zone later.

Knock around the corner to onboard a little under a half tank of gas at $1.79 per litre or $97.56 which is unbelievable for 54.50 litres of fuel.

Popping around the corner onto the Anthony Henday South bound at 7:25am with an unexpected surprise that the wife didn’t bring her Macbook Air USB dongle which would be required for tethering a hotspot to a cellphone for her to conduct business affairs for the next 4 hours while I drove southward bound.

Back home, up two flights of stairs she went to retrieve said dongle, back into Tacoma she came as we attempted to connect her systems together. Failure

It wanted to connect but we required a specific software to connect the devices. She would have to work from only her cellphone.

Onto the Henday first stop was Red Deer an hour and a bit down the QE2 to delivery some needed leg stretching and grab a cup of coffee. A tall Americano for myself and a grande Blonde Americano for her.

Standing and stretching at the Tacoma, we refilled our travel mugs with filtered water from the 5 gallon jug in the truck bed under the tonneau cover.

Two work phone calls later and we were back on the highway. Speeding south as I listened to tunes and she completed more work tasks.

Nearing Calgary, I said “hey what are you thinking about lunch, yet?” she should have stopped what she was doing but said “oh I could go on for hours without eating. I’m now intuitively in-tune with my boss who fasts a lot. And now I do too.” Hmmm… came my response. “But if your hungry then we should stop. Here let me look for something gluten-free after this note to my aunt.”

Passing Airdrie she says, “when we get to Airdrie we sometimes stop at BP’s for food.” Laughing I point behind us, “we missed that exit 3-minutes ago. Please try again.

Continuing her search she begins rattling off restaurant names; Copper Branch, Denny’s, Belmont Dinner, Benny’s Breakfast Bar … In my head I’m thinking no i really dislike copper branch, no way Denny’s, Belmont is lovely but wrong side of town, Benny’s hmm never heard of it. Glancing over I said, “where’s Benny’s?” She rattles off somewhere on the southside of the city but she’s unsure about its exit. “I’m glad we don’t live here anymore. I’d always be lost. This city is HUGE!” Mulling it over, “are there any other options further south?” She shakes her head no and replies too with how hungry are you?” Without thinking more I just said “Benny’s. let’s go to Benny’s. How do we get there?”

Following the blue-dot down Deerfoot Trail we traveled in the Tacoma. She’s trying to explain the exit as we get further and further south. “What’s it next to?”

Eventually we pull left exit around a full 270-degrees to head east then a right and a right and back over the deerfoot followed by another right to locate the restaurant!

Walking inside we stepped back to a 50’s diner and the happiness spread across my face. I’m a fan of the fifties pop culture diners, milkshakes and automobiles.

Also it fit our culinary needs as 90% of the items on the menu are gluten-free and nothing is deep fried.

We ordered coffees, perogie poutine and the benny burger. Drinks on the table we idly chatted about nothing. Just like the tv show Seinfeld.

Benny Burger with side pickled beets

“Hope you can unlock your jaw fur this one,” says the food runner setting down the burger in front of me, followed by “enjoy your lunch.”

Digging into our food neither of us spoke for at least five minutes getting our senses to enjoy the culinary delights before us.

This is the biggest sloppiest meatiest burger I have ever had,” explained I as chunks of sliced tomato, egg and wagyu beef slid off the pretzel bun onto the plate.

How’s your poutine?”

She smiled and said, jalapeños,” followed by a half frown-grimace then dug into the plate for another bite.

Shortly after she announced her food as being delightful but not filling enough. However she was happy overall with the atmosphere of this diner.

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb