Tire Repair, Recalls and Breakfast in Castlegar, British Columbia

Rising before our alarm clocks we sprung out of bed to use the restroom before Shauna’s eyes rolled open to start our next morning adventure. Today we were headed two and a half blocks to the Castlegar Toyota Dealership to have the nail which randomly appeared in Cranbrook in the rear passenger tire be repaired. Following the repair would be breakfast at the nearby Roots Modern Health Food cafe.

“Hey are you awake,” I said departing the bathroom looking for a cup to have a glass of water as I was really parched. “Yeah, I was waiting for you to get out of there, so that I could use it. I’m surprised to see you awake this early,” she replied looking down at her watch which read 6:33am.

True that… I was having a really strange dream about soaking wet blankets under a waterfall. Really I think it was my subconscious informing it was time to get UP or I was going to piss the bed. Then I jumped up and headed for the bathroom,” I laughed as did she whilst the door shut behind me. A handful of minutes later I was back into the bathroom for a shower, shave and rejuvenation for today’s activities.

Upon exiting the bathroom the main room smelled of over cooked drip coffee and stale potato chips. My face wrinkled as I stepped past the counter where her coffee was sitting smelling up the room.

“Are you done in there? Or can I use the bathroom or are you going back in there for a third time?” she asked giggling about the facts that A) I was awake before her and B) I was stupidly doing things which I normally bypass in the wee morning hours. “Yeah, I think you are good. I’m just going to throw on my clothes and drink some more water. We have to be out of here in another thirty-five minutes. Thankfully its only a short drive down the road.”

Thirty-minutes later we were ready, new clothes on, stuff packed back into our overnight travel bags and we slipped out the door and headed back down the staircase to return the room keys. Whilst I was dropped off the room keys and received our receipt Shauna was tidying up the room and making sure we didn’t leave anything behind. Before she made it downstairs, I stepped around the corner and grabbed a couple of apples and bananas for later.

“Good morning,” said Aaron, “You’re Aaron, correct?” He asked whilst I was looking around the shop trying to decide why it was super warm inside seeing as how outside the rain poured down from the clouds high above us all. “That’s correct, Aaron. I am Aaron. Glad to meet you.” We walked over to the counter to discuss the specifics about the tire and where the nail was situated in the meaty centre bit of the rubber. Aaron pulled the details off the truck and informed it would be 45-minutes or thereabouts and we could have a fresh cup of coffee or hangout in their customer lounge.

Inside the lounge consisted of three comfortable looking armchairs with Toyota badging on the sides. Next to it was a cabinet of Toyota swag, coffee mugs, hats, and key chains. The entire showroom was filled with tires stacked 4-high with signs everyone. “Huh,” said Shauna standing in front of a set of tires, “do you think these rims would fit my car?” We read the label and noted the rim size as 15-inch. “Its possible. We would have to check with someone on the type of Corolla you have and if this would fit your car. Pretty snazzy,” I replied. She nodded and walked onward to look at other rims.

Ten minutes into our showroom dance Aaron appeared to inform there are a couple of recalls for my Tacoma and if I would like either of them. One is the block heater is not functioning properly and if used it could start a fire inside the engine compartment. There was no repair only disconnecting and removing it. I said we’d pass at the moment. The second was a leaky pickup bed light cover. We informed as long as it did not increase the time we were waiting then sure it would be nice, since it keeps raining around here. He nodded and ran off to talk with his technician.

We sat and fumbled on our phones for the next thirty minutes giggling and talking about the random news feed articles that were popping up for each of us. “Hey guys, your Tacoma is ready,” said Aaron approaching us from the service shop. “We can go settle up whilst the tech takes it out of the shop.” Everything paid we thanked Aaron then headed for the breakfast spot in the next strip mall to the north of our location.

Bellies full of delicious vegan and gluten-free breakfast bowls, and two coffees we stood ready for the road. Our hands scooped up the to-go cups of coffee and the two gluten-free cookies. We thanked the proprietor and his accomplices for the delicious breakfast food which would power us until our late afternoon lunch with her aunt and uncle.

We pulled away from the Roots Modern Health Food down the parking lot and turned right heading south down the main street where no other vehicles or humans were present. Climbing the hill we spotted an exit sign and an arrow pointing right with the words Grand Forks 105 kms.

“Hey send a text to your auntie and let her know we’re on our way over the last set of hills. We should be there in about an hours time, depending on the road, weather and traffic in the area.” She smiled. Nodded her head in agreement then starred out the window without doing what was asked of her. I didn’t press the request and let her be.

We both knew the Elephant was no longer outside our vehicle and it had climbed into the backseat of the Tacoma stuffing its rather large self inside with us. The Tacoma began to travel up over the next mountain pass driving in, out and around larger vehicles as we pressed onwards to see our relatives down in Grand Forks.

~ Aaron JacksonCrabb