The Big Bang vs God; A Comparison of Theories

Here’s the thing I really wanted to inform you of this morning. It’s a real “treat” about scientology and all that stuff surrounding the Big Bang Theory (not the TV show). Let’s say for instance that scientology is correct. I know, some of you are like “say what!?” But let’s just say it’s true. Okay. A gigantic black star goes “KABOOM!” and it imploded then the Earth is born out of the middle of this black hole.  All that debris flying around, capturing itself, mangling itself into a big big ball of matter. And this matter after days, months, years of combining itself turns into a flattened globe. All that is there is water and land. Out of this big ball of matter you have fault lines. Those fault lines create other faults in the surface crust. Eventually the whole inside of this big ball starts shifting and progressing and on the surface  this creates mountains, caverns and canyons. Some of this fills with the great waters around the big ball. And eventually this fills with water. After many many years of being foliage begins  to grow. Sometime after that is when the first particle of life is created. I believe it’s called an amoeba.

Point 2, the Bible. Some of you just gasped. It’s okay because you believe what I just wrote about the BIG BANG THEORY! Now let’s go the complete other direction. The Bible. God. Creation of Man and all that jazz. A book many many many years ago was written in a language which very few people know today. Somewhere along the lines, with all books in a foreign language, someone wanted to translate it for more people to read. The book tells stories about a journey of one man from many mens’ perspectives and notes. These perspectives and notes they mean something to those men. Those collaborators of the story. They believe in what they are writing. They believe this descendant of “God” came down to Earth to inform the good people. No. Wait. Actually he came down to talk to the derelict, the thieves, the savages and the other bad people. He really did leave the “good” people alone. You figured, you already knew what you were doing, well sort of. Any who, here’s this guy sacrificing himself to show other people you can sacrifice too and eventually you’ll meet the Big Saviour and all will be good. The only thing they leave out, is “what happens in the end?” Oh wait. They say you go to Purgatory or Hell? No, I think those are the same. Purgatory or Heaven. Yep that’s it. Horrible miserable fire with Lucifer, or jovial flower gardens, waterfalls and serene settings with God.

The comparison… Big Bang Theory vs God

Big Bang Theory is an explosion of a black star which went KABOOM! and life was born after years of land parts moving and shifting around

God is an ultra-being with awesome powers who one day created a giant ball called Earth with all its beautiful grasses, flowing fields, blossoming flower heads, mountains, valleys and waterfalls (you get the picture) the he placed a human on it as an experiment to watch over and see what would happen? (sort of like kids and those ant farms). Eventually God, thought, he that guy down there on Earth looks lonely. I shall provide him with a woman to keep him entertained. Poof. There is a woman. Eventually Adam and Eve, are supposed to populate the lands. And instead she bites an Apple


Humans made up both of these theories. People seriously. No one knows or will ever know what really happened or how it happened or if we will ever know while we are breathing humans on this planet which is why I like it Raw. The only thing I can tell you that is truly factual is believe in yourself. Believe that you can do good in this world and love other human beings. Because really, we are all in this together. We were all born on to the planet. And we will all die on this planet. In the meantime, just enjoy life.

~ James Curtis

Sun flower