Review of 2022 Aspirations, Goals and Monthly Achievements

At the end of Twenty Twenty-One, we reviewed our intended goals with our actual goals to see how that comparison panned out. What we realized was we wrote a list of New Years Resolution goals and by the middle of the year we totally forgot to check-in with what those goals were or to see if we were making any good progress.

Then we had this BRILLIANT IDEA!

Instead of making a list in a notebook, we would pencil into a Monthly Calendar a set of daily goals. This way we would see the daily goals repeatedly throughout the week and we could simply mark-off the goals with a check-mark if we are successful or an X if we were unsuccessful.

For myself this seemed like a brilliant idea and fell into the KISS method of training;

Keep It Simple Stupid

We went out and bought a Monthly Calendar. Then we began penciling into the days what we wanted to accomplish. Activities such as Write a Blog Article, or Read 50-pages, or 30-minutes HIIT (high intensity interval training), or 30-minutes yoga, or round of golf.

With the idea in place, and a Monthly Calendar purchased we got busy writing up the goals for the year. We penciled in everything from how much we wanted to invest in our RRSP to how many times we wanted to workout each week.

Then every couple of days I would check back in with myself and mark off the calendar with either the checkmark for accomplished or an X for unsuccessful activity.

After a couple of weeks of marking checks and X’s, I realized that my success rate was 33% or less. And I tried to improve by forcing myself to review the Calendar and daily goals more often.

However like reverse psychology this additional pressure on myself yielded less than happy results and my success rate the week after dropped another 10%.

What could I do to change my behaviour?

For the months of February and March, I decided to write the goals at the beginning of the month and only check-in on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for progress. Although this seemed like a better approach I tended to forget if I had or had not accomplished certain activities as several of the activities were repetitive such as doing Yoga for 30-minutes each morning.

By the middle of March, I began signing up for Spring, Summer and Fall activities which I then reciprocated throughout the subsequent Calendar months. These were a good reminder for the days I would have to request off from work, or advise others of my upcoming planned activities.

Around July 1st, I decided to take a quick review of the months prior to see if I was accomplishing more or less than I did with using a New Years Resolution checklist. The results were less than admirable. I had actually completed less in the months of April, May and June then I had anticipated.

The Brilliant Idea was failing.

Then the Summer months took over and I was spending more and more time outside in the fantastic weather we were having. As a result, we were spending less time on the computer and even less time working on the new found website;

We were indeed distracted… by life outside rather than inside.

The goals and success rate for July, August and September went up, for activities outdoors and fell for activities indoors.

  • Goals for 2022
    1. Invest $1000 p/mo in RRSP
    2. Invest $500 p/mo in Stock
    3. Reduce body weight by 50 pounds
    4. Workout 3x per week (HIIT)
    5. Perform morning Yoga daily
    6. Read 12 books (one per month)
    7. Complete a road trip per season
    8. Build racking system for Garage to remove items from the flex room
    9. Turn flex room into an indoor meditation / workout room
    10. Learn a new activity
    11. Flip the blog site into a live domain site
  • Results for 2022
    1. Total invested $12,000.00
    2. Total invested $4,000.00
    3. Lost 20 pounds by end of October
    4. Accomplished 1 or 2 times every couple of weeks
    5. Accomplished daily Yoga in March, September and October
    6. Read 5 books
    7. Traveled to Jasper in Winter, Athabasca in Spring, Hinton in Summer and British Columbia in Fall
    8. Created a plan for the storage system but didn’t build or move any items out of flex room
    9. Didn’t get started on this transformation
    10. Began learning Digital and Social Media Marketing
    11. was launched February 2022

As you can see in the above comparison the success rate for 2022 was less than that of our comparison completed in last years’ article; Review of Aspirations in Twenty Twenty-one

Notebook/Checklist versus Calendar/Daily Goals

Did we accomplish MORE goals by writing them on a Calendar versus in a Checklist buried in a Notebook? Yes.

Did seeing the daily goals on the Calendar inspire us to accomplish MORE goals than a Checklist? Sort of, as it kept us engaged with both daily and monthly aspirations.

Will we UTILIZE the monthly goal Calendar method for 2023? No.

What will change for how we List our goals for 2023? This year, we are going to aim at MORE iterations and being engaged in our goals on a more consistent basis.

How will you accomplish more Engagement with your goals? Every weekend we will be sitting down to write out goals for the upcoming week. This way we can be more engaged with what activities are being planned as well as continue to monitor those goals throughout the week.