Implementing the Workout Journal

Tomorrow starts Week Number 4 at the gym. One of the tips learnt last week from the Fitness Trainer is to keep a Workout Journal. Honestly, I recall having fitness routines when I went to the gym. Something scribbled out on a piece of paper, or a printed out sheet of things to do. However, I do not recall ever having a small Workout Journal which I logged all of my fitness activities into. Low and behold this weekend I purchased a 4″x5″ spiral notebook. And this little gem is going to become my Workout journal. This little book contains 320 pages and on the back cover calendars for 2017 & 2018. Tonight, I spent the last 30-minutes drafting up my workouts for the week which took up 6-pages. 320 divided by 6 = 53.33 weeks. An entire year will fit into this little notebook.

The Workout Journal, is a way to track progress in the gym. What routines worked? And what did not? It will allow me to see my growth at each step of the way and understand the items I need to practice more on, how to improve my form and gain the necessary knowledge for benefiting my own health. Of course, I will have to go over this little notebook from time to time with my Fitness Trainer / Life Coach. This is all part of the larger picture: Improve daily, Maintain overall, Achieve wellbeing.

Without further ado, here is a brief summary of what I have planned for this weeks’ Workout Routines.

  • Warm ups: Jump rope, 3 sets x 50 reps and Foam roller, calves, hamstrings, back
  • Workout: Core, 3 sets x :30 seconds each, Plank, Superman, Deadbugs
  • Lifting: TRX system, push-ups, laterals, squats
  • Cardio: 3 minutes each stair-climber, rowing, bicycle
  • Cooldown: Walking track, stretching, yoga

A few items to track throughout the week are;

  1. Amount of water consumed each day in litres
  2. Time checking into the gym
  3. The mood I am in, as I enter the gym
  4. Time checking out of the gym
  5. The mood I am in, as I depart the gym

Post gym, reflections in my daily journal [this is not the workout journal] it is however a journal about how the day went, how I am feeling, what I am trying to achieve this week. It’s an honest reflection of myself and the person I am striving to become, maintain and live with.

Last and definitely not least is the amount of water I am consuming each day along with the correct healthy types of food. For myself its rather simple as I am 99.5% Vegan. The wife and I eat 100% Vegan at home: vegetables, nut milks, nut butters, spices, gluten-free and Celiac friendly meals. There are health reasons why we have had to adopt to this type of lifestyle over the last couple of years. Our main reasons have been to begin our own personal journeys of living healthier, being more active and enjoying a positive outlook on our lives in Central Alberta, Canada.