There is a whole lot of fun surrounding hobbies which have nothing to do with this technological world that we live in. And of course, there are hobbies which have to do with all this tech going around. What I need to mention, is I am that guy, who gets bored, sells everything and moves onto the next hobby within a few months. It’s usually about every 3 to 6 months when I change up hobbies.

At the present time, I have an obsession with RC Cars and Airplanes. This started about 2-summers ago when I was driving home from a nice hike down near the North Saskatchewan. I happened to look right and through the trees I spotted an outdoor track. I wondered what it is? (curiosity always gets the better of me) and I turned North on the next range road. Another right and I was on the property where I had spotted the track.

Hobby R/C

It just so happened there was a guy there by the name of Bruce. Bruce chatted me up for a good fifteen minutes, showed me the track, showed me his gear and I was hooked. Hook, line, sinker. I knew at that
moment, I needed to own an RC Car and be out here racing it at this track. It took me the rest of that summer and winter to do research on the trucks, talk to other RC Racers, go online and send out questions on the forums about RC Cars;

  • Where to start? What type of RC to begin with? Should I go 4×2 or 4×4? What’s the advantage of electric over nitro? Is there an advantage? What about gas engines? And tires? And maintenance? What types of tools would I need?

The list of questions went on, and on, and on, so I took the time to read, talk to and test as many as I could before I made a decision, to buy a Traxxas Short Course Truck (SCT) 2wd. It’s Awesome! Then the holidays arrived and the Hobby stores started dropping prices on everything which is when I decided I wanted to have a airplane to fly in the winter time. Okay that’s not exactly how it happened.

I was out driving around doing some Vlogging. I’m trying to get into this Vlogging thing, and I just was out doing some random stuff. Then I came across a place called Kelly’s Airfield. It’s just North of where I live about 10 minutes. There were all these retired guys hanging around flying RC Airplanes. And that’s when I was like “I need to do some research and get me an airplane.” It just so happens that my brother-in-law has like 15-RC Airplanes, and I just wanted some advice on what I should get into for a first time beginner RC Airplane and that’s when it happened. He offered to part with his stuff for a really nice price.

And that’s how I ended up with 2-Nitro RC Airplanes, a 1/5 Scale Gas Engine Monster Truck and well, that 1/10 Traxxas SCT for racing in the summer time.



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