What is “Fiction”? It is a type of literature which can be produced in many different forms, such as prose, poetry, short stories and novels. All of which describes an imaginary event and people. It is an invention or fabrication as opposed to facts. Its a belief or statement that is false, and it is often held to be true because it is expedient to do so.

Amongst the truth which is often written here within this blog, we will divert into the realm of “Fiction”, it is a place that holds no truth and yet offers you entertainment, humour and the imagination of a couple of wonderfully talented scripts. We hold the power to type words of prose, build characters of immense intelligence and overall just impede progress around here with our whimsical nature.

Of course the obvious disdain is illuminated as well as the dandelions which one might pick on a early spring afternoon. We both do agree that your feedback and warm embrace to our theatrics are welcomed and we look forward to hearing your comments both of criticism and of praise for our literary works are nonetheless here for entertainment.

Warmest Regards your friend,