A Rant about Technology

Today, I spent a couple of hours photographing a bunch of stuff; a Samsung S4 smartphone, a MacBook laptop, a couple of RC Airplanes, a sectional couch, and an underwater camera. We are looking at slimming down our inventory around the condo to make room for some new items around the house. Its that old cliche: Out with the Old and In with the New. 

For most of the stuff we are selling, its just stuff that is no longer being used and we want to let someone else use it, except for the MacBook. It’s an older piece of technology and it is not dead, its just not performing to what it used to. There’s been too many updates for it to function at its correct operational abilities. Sure I could toss in a couple hundred dollars to fix it up and keep it going for another year or maybe two. It’s just usually I buy a new laptop every 5 to 6 years then upgrade into the latest newest best system out there.

I have a routine when it comes to selling off old items. Take photographs of everything we are selling. Edit the photos. Do a bit of research on the internet for key points of information. Draft a short dialogue of the information. Upload the photos and information onto a seller’s website such as kijiji.ca and wait until someone bites and sends an inquiry email.

In the meantime, while I am awaiting potential buyers to respond to the advertisements, I will spend a few hours doing a bit of research on the items which will be purchased. In this case: a new laptop, a couple of chairs and an indoor bike trainer. Off to the internet I go. The first item is the laptop and that is when the frustration of my research hit the figurative fan and I started to write this post! 

When did Mac decide the base price point for a laptop should be $1650.00? Are you freaking serious? Every other piece of technology eventually is reduced in price point. This is a serious OUTRAGE! I’ve been an Apple user since 1998. And today, is the first day, I have seriously considered buying a PC. I even went as far as looking on Memory Express’s website to see what kind of computers they sell. For $1,500.00 you can buy a really awesome, mind blowing, gaming laptop which will have just as many features as any MacBook Pro or iPad Pro out there.

The iPad Pro just pushed me over the edge as well with its $1,049.00 starting price point, that’s without a keyboard. Oh, you want a keyboard… well our marketing department came up with some slick wording and its now called a “smart keyboard” so the keyboard and iPad will operate just like a laptop, so we are going to charge you $229.00 for it. Oh you want not to touch the touchscreen with your finger? Oh that’s okay we have this nice oversized stylus pen! It’ll look great with your new iPad we’ll set you up with it for $129.00 and your new iPad package is $1,407.00

Seriously, $1,407.00 and you can purchase a tablet, with a keyboard and stylus pen! You are s*itting me! I should have bought a MacBook Air for $1,199.00 since it comes with a keyboard. Or… ironically there is no “or” because everything else costs more money! You know what’s next right? Goodbye MacBook Air – why did I say that? Because all of the new laptops are just as thin as the Air.


The holly grail of laptops, tablets and fore-thinking has just irked the… s*it out of me. And just so I am clear here, I am going to list the base prices for Apple products which have a minimum of 126GB storage and a screen size that is 9.7-inches or larger because who really wants a laptop or tablet which is as small as their smartphone? No one, that’s who. 

  • MacBook Pro 13-inch with touch bar $2,299.00
  • MacBook Pro 13-inch $1,899.00
  • MacBook 13-inch $1,649.00
  • MacBook Air 13-inch $1,199.00
  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch $1,049.00 (can add Smart Keyboard for $199.00 when you buy iPad)
  • iPad Air 9.7-inch $629.00
  • iMac 21.5-inch $1,399.00 (sure you cannot take it with you but it out features the rest)

By listing the base price, I can now see the appeal for consumers to choose a Tablet over a Laptop. This is what the tech companies want because they want you to put all of your information onto their servers aka “the cloud”. Eventually what you have for free today, will cost you a price in the future. This is why they are charging outrageous prices for laptops and desktop computers. They don’t want you to have control. They want you to add your information onto “their cloud”. The technology world is taking over your security one-megabit at a time. You will no longer be in control of your information, photographs, documents, etc. Because YOU have stored it somewhere else. I hope you love those results.

~ James Curtis