Is it Greener on the Other Side

From all of my worldly travels, I have learnt many lessons and one is more significant then all others. People no matter where they come from, will always seek out the place which they do not see on a day-to-day basis. For example, I have a brother who lives in a town where people flock to it in the Winter time, for skiing. The population of this town when it is in its “mud season” which is the months after Winter when all the snow is melting and the grounds turn to “mud” which is before spring arrives. And there is a  period of time between Autumn and Winter when those first few dumps of snow occurs before it actually begins to stick to the ground. It is during this “mud season” when you actually learn that the town has a population of less than 6,000 residents year round. However if you look at the population during the Summer or Winter months, then the population rises to 15,500+ people. The fluctuation people are those people who own a 2nd and or 3rd home. This is “their vacation spot” because people ultimately want what they cannot have.

The reason, I bring this up, is recently my wife and I, just returned from a 7-night, 8-day vacation to Varadero, Cuba. Essentially, my wife wanted to spend time lounging like a lizard on a beach chair, soaking up the 28-Celsius (89F) sun-rays, trying to turn her normally pale complexion into a golden brown.

People will always want what they do not have on a daily basis. Yes, it was a great time, splashing in the surf, playing in the breaking waves, trying to body surf and swimming in a fish-free, jellyfish-free environment. Other than the sunburn from lack of sunscreen applying, we had an alright time. Honestly, its really difficult for me, to just lay around all day in the sun. I need stimulation. Good thing there was an ocean less than 100-feet from where our lounge chairs lay.

Where am I going with this rant?

Sometimes, when you think the grass might be greener on the other side, you should really contemplate and draft a Pros-vs-Cons list about why you think the “grass is greener” and determine “if” it is a good idea to jump ship and take a tumble through this fresh grass field. Or if the way things are currently is actually the better choice.

The one thing I do know, is that you have to make a choice. Your choice is up to you. Whether it turns out good or bad. In the end, you need to make a choice.

  • Dry cool climate 9-months of the year, or Warm hot climate 9-months of the year
  • Rain, sleet, snow, or Breezes, warm, hot
  • Snowshoeing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, or Surfing, sailboating, scuba diving
  • Blistering extreme cold days, or Blistering extreme hot days

There is an interesting comment I once heard when you are comparing a Hot climate to a Cold climate. In a Hot climate, you mainly need to remove enough clothing to make yourself comfortable and drink plenty of fluids. The problem is, once you are down to your skivvies (underwear) you are subject to being in only your skin and you cannot cool off unless you have an Ocean, or a bucket of water handy.

Where-as, if you live in a Cold climate, you have access to the clothes layering system, where you can add a base layer, exterior layer, over coat, heavier coat, big gloves, warm hat and more to keep you relatively warm. And if adding clothes doesn’t assist you, then there is always burning wood for fire, or cuddling up to someone else whose warmer than you.

In conclusion the world might be greener on the other side and its your choice to take it, if you think it will make you happier. And just remember sometimes when you make a choice, there is no going back to how things were, how you left those relationships or starting over again. Sometimes its just better to stay put and build yourself from the safety of your net.

~ James Curtis