It all started the day after May 10, 2007 when I moved to Calgary, Alberta Canada to live with my then “girlfriend” in a 2-bedroom condo in Parkdale on a small Crescent amongst a few shops and a local cafe; Lazy Loaf & Kettle.

One late afternoon in the early part of summer the girlfriend was in the kitchen frying up a caramelized onions and sauteing mushrooms, baking potatoes and preparing 2 sirloin steaks. The room emanated deliciousness. “Hey how was practice?” she asked. “Practice went well. Couple of good hits learned how to hand pass and dribble better. What’s for dinner?”

She replied “Steak with mushrooms and onions, potatoes and rice. Does that sound good?” “Well… actually I was wondering if you would consider being a vegetarian?”

“Seriously!?” She looked at me her brains unable to comprehend. “Yeah. Why?”

“Agh, maybe because I’m cooking meat and potatoes for dinner?” She stated as though we didn’t just go over that. “I hear yeah. I really do. I just think for health reasons we should become vegetarian. I’ve had several friends and family in the last 6-months being diagnosed with cancers. And you want to know the number 1 reason the doctor said they got it from? Eating meat and/or processed foods. So, I thought ‘why the heck not try it’. Are you in with me?”

And that’s where this Gluten-free journey begins…