For us Lifestyle is expressed in both work and leisure behavior patterns as an individual within the assortment of activities, attitudes, interests, opinions, values, and allocation of our income. This solely reflects our personal and self image and/or our self concepts. James and I, are here to reveal to you what we see in ourselves and what it is that we both truly believe in amongst society at large.

Follow your dreams, work hard, practice and persevere

The two of us are no Mona Lisa to look at. We are both a bit quirky in our behaviours, we come from very different backgrounds and we are both very opinionated. Whilst James is a family man with a wife and a couple of kids, I am not. I am married without children also known as “dinks“. If you are unfamiliar with this term it means “dual income no kids”, well accept for our pooch: Hank.

Hank have’n a hoot at the dog park,

Lifestyle comes in many different forms which is why we want to share our experiences and knowledge of what we love to do around Central Alberta Canada with you. Neither of us drives fast cars (although we both do dream about and occasionally discuss owning another motorcycle, just don’t tell our wives) but we do drive a Toyota Tacoma (Aaron’s) and a Jeep Grand Cherokee (James’) which we both really enjoy a bit of light off-roading and weekend warrior camping. Neither of us are sharp dressers, we tend to hang out in shorts and t-shirts. We are proficient at computer skills on the MacBook Pro and both of us routinely hit the gym 3-times per week. Our wives are constantly after us to put down the chocolate bars and ice cream and get on board with eating healthier meals now that we are in our late-thirties and early-forties.

We ask that you take our advice with a grain of salt, as we are both professionally trained artists (Photographer and Graphic Designer) and we are not doctors or nutritionists’ or lawyers. We are really just a couple of guys who enjoy a single malt scotch every once in a while, hitting a nearby golf course in the summer or taking in some local hockey games. We both like to play a bit of Texas hold’em from time to time and even get out of the house for a date night with our wives, too.

We both greatly appreciate your feedback and comments.

Talk soon,

Aaron & James

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